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Team Visit to Glengoyne Distillery

Team Visit to Glengoyne Distillery | Contini

The Glengoyne Experience – by Contini George Streets Francesco Dedola

In July this year, some of the staff were delighted to be invited for a site visit and private tasting at Glengoyne Distillery.

It just took us under 40 min to get from central Glasgow to Dumgoyne, a beautiful and charmingenvironment, surrounded by an idyllic landscape.

As an Italian, who is passionate about wines and pairing them with food, it was quitegroundbreaking to learn that Whisky works perfectly matched with food.

My personal knowledge of Whisky has increased a lot thanks to our tour guide, none other than the renowned Gordon Dallas!

He expertly explained everysingle step for us:

1. Malting
2. Mashing
3. Fermentation
4. Distillation
5. Pot Stills
6. Spirit Save

A great experience and a deep look into the art of making whisky, and knowing that there are still peoplewho care about tradition and heritage.

Thank you from myself and team Contini


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