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Why work for Contini?

At Contini we pride ourselves on great customer service and great food. With all our venues in the heart of Edinburgh, we have easy access to all the history, good views and tourist attractions that Edinburgh is known for. 

We go above and beyond to give excellent training and support to our employees. Our flexible rotas give a good work/life balance and adapt to the needs of our employees. We love to encourage and celebrate our employee’s achievements and personal developments.

Our Contini Academy supports and funds courses, apprenticeships and training internally and externally through Edinburgh College, FLOW/Mapal, and HIT Scotland. 

We are committed to offering the real living wage as a minimum and a four day working week is available for all our team.  We offer many team benefits and our Contini Social Club provides a great network to meet new people. 

We have launched our Contini Training Academy to deliver the best career journey.  This will provide an industry benchmark for the skills our colleagues need to feel confident, supported and be hospitality ambassadors.    

We are a family business that leads by example,  treats everyone with respect, fairness and value.  We provide a safe and secure working environment.  We provide clear definitions of roles and responsibilities, setting the standards to be followed. We train, upskill and support with continual professional development inhouse and through a variety of industry recognised channels.  We challenge our team and encourage them to be the best version of themselves at all times. 



100% of all tips are paid via a Tronc system and are shared with all members of the team in accordance to the Tips Memorandum agreed by the Tronc Committee. 


Diversity and Inclusion

We have always been lucky enough to attract diversity; many different nationalities and this hasn't changed since Brexit. We value the knowledge that team members from all over the world bring and as a family who have built our business with the help of team members who have had different religions, nationalities, life experiences and customs. We understand how vital working as a united team and being inclusive to everyone is to achieve success. 


The majority of our team are non UK nationals. This is a huge opportunity for sharing knowledge on cultures and educating each other on our customs and practices that hold importance whilst at the same time squashing and correcting stereotypes and hearsay that may be hurtful, ignorant and untrue. 


In a modern, progressive and inclusive society we shouldn’t need to remind anyone that we are all equal, we work in an industry that relies on people from all over the world and so for us inclusion, equality and diversity should be of the highest priority. Any form of unconscious bias is unacceptable, ignorance and narrow-mindedness are not excuses to allow disrespectful and hurtful behaviour towards others, regardless of how unintentional or unconscious and is not tolerated at all here at Contini. 



Our live vacancies are advertised on Indeed but we are happy to receive CV’s - we are always looking for great people to join our team! Please contact and send us your CV, along with the role you would like to be considered for

We are a lovely bunch, we work hard, we all get on, we socialise and we have the same drive to provide the best customer experience for food and service. We recruit and appreciate team players who have a passion for hospitality!

We can offer 4 day working weeks, we have our Contini Training Academy for professional development (for everyone), we have free breakfast and free food on duty, we have company funded social events, we have an Employee Assistance Programme and a Mental Health First Aider. We operate a TRONC scheme for tips and it's shared equally between Front of House and Kitchen. 

Our Benefits

  • Company induction when you start to get all necessary uniforms and the information you need to make your on-boarding experience successful.
  • Onboard training is paid
  • 100% of Tips go to employees through a TRONC scheme and are divided evenly between FOH and BOH. 
  • Our rate of pay is always above the national minimum wage, regardless of age. Wages are paid monthly with tips paid a week after wages. This means that you will have a steady income twice a month.
  • Flexible working hours. Good work/life balance.
  • Employee pension contribution with NEST.
  • Personal development through FLOW Training, HIT Scotland and SVQs.
  • Contini Training  Academy  - Apprentice and Management training courses coordinated in partnership with an external consultancy firm. 
  • Free meals and hot drinks while on shift.
  • For shifts finishing after midnight we contribute to the cost of taxis home.
  • Employee Assistance Programme We offer an Employee Assistance Programme through Hospitality Action. All our employees have 
    • Access to Hospitality Action’s wellness portal where you can access over 200 support and advice sheets about matters such as work life, home life, Mind & body, Legal and Money
    • Online mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy courses
    • Confidential Telephone Advice

    We also have a Mental Health First Aider. 

  • Contini Social Club - The Contini Social Club was created to help bring the teams from all our venues together and provide some fun opportunities for everyone to get to know each other a bit better outside of our normal working environment. Highlights from 2022 were a visit to the Johnnie Walker Experience, the Edinburgh Gin Distillery Tour and our Post-Festival party at Lane 7.  

Our Team charter

Team Charter

To build and support your Contini Career we will:

Lead by example 

Treat you with respect, fairness and value

Provide a safe and secure working environment

Recruit like minded team members who are professional, hard working and provide excellent customer service

Provide clear definitions of roles and responsibilities, setting the standards to be followed

Train, develop, upskill and support you with your own professional development through a variety of industry recognised channels

Challenge, encouraging you to be the best version of yourself at all times. 


In return we ask that you:

Lead by example 

Work as one united team, treating others as you would like to be treated

Are responsible and accountable with a mature outlook on your career

Demonstrate a desire to learn and grow, pursuing your own personal development and training to support a career in hospitality

Communicate clearly and respectfully, embracing changes and supporting fellow team members

Work hard, share our passion and be the best version of you at all times

Live our Magnificent 7 Excellence values

We are currently offering apprenticeships to our team through our Contini Training Academy, the apprenticeships range of Management, Front of House, Kitchen and Office qualifications for everyone employed.

Often we have team members who are studying for a qualification in their chosen career field, we have team members who are ‘just passing through whilst travelling’ and others who are working in hospitality until they decide what they want to do as their ‘real job’. Hospitality is a sector that has such a varied skill set, and we are always keen to help develop our team and their skill set to allow them to have the best opportunities at whatever they decide to do long term! We have been lucky enough to have some of those team members who were just passing through, studying, or figuring out what they wanted to do, stay with us and they have been integral in helping us deliver a great service to our customers!

We also have team members who know hospitality is where they want to be, they have worked their way around the world, around the restaurant to gain experience, and some have studied hospitality or management and see their careers in hospitality long term.

Whatever the reason the team have decided to work in hospitality we have a responsibility to support them in their continued learning and professional development, part of our commitment to our Team Charter is

  • Train, develop, upskill and support you with your own professional development through a variety of industry-recognised channels
  • Challenge, encouraging you to be the best version of yourself at all times

Employee Forum

We hold an employee forum meeting twice a year where representatives of each venue can raise any feedback directly with Senior Managers and the Owners.