Mamma Mia

May 10, 2024

Good morning lovely people, 1928 was a good year.    Equal voting rights for women and men, pre-sliced bread, bubble gum, Mickey Mouse, and on the […]

Perfect Partnerships: Who’s the melon to your prosciutto?

April 26, 2024

Good morning lovely people Strawberries and cream.  Super sweeties covered in a silky blanket.   A perfect partnership. Prosciutto e Melone; a little more adventurous […]

What are we not allowed to do this week?

April 14, 2024

Good morning lovely people    What are we not allowed to do this week?  Am I smelling a smoke screen perhaps?    Out of the […]

Blood Orange Marmalade Recipe

March 29, 2024

Blood oranges are much sweeter than Seville or normal oranges, so this is a sugar rush but it’s easy to make and doesn’t require two […]

Don’t let gestures posture for the wrong purpose

March 29, 2024

Happy Easter lovely people, When a Marathon was renamed to a Snicker and Opal Fruits became Starbursts who would have known that this was the […]

The source is important

March 15, 2024

Good morning lovely people,  I’ve been writing for The Scotsman for over 10 years. My last headshot was taken in 2019.  I had a panic […]

PC has many meanings

March 1, 2024

Good morning lovely people,  I’m in big trouble.  Inadvertently I’ve clearly been insulting almost everyone.  Victor and John in the garden, “good job boys”.  The […]

Mother’s Day

February 27, 2024

MOTHER’S DAY AT CONTINI RESTAURANTS Mum’s the World – Sunday 10th March. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, mum’s the word – and it’s […]

Let’s Take the High Road

February 19, 2024

Good morning lovely people  Is it just me or is this year “marching” on very quickly.  Victor and John the gardener have seen the first […]