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Sorry, it’s a Long Covid missive today

One change on 9th August looks like the rule to isolate will be removed

I was confused for a moment, so Edinburgh is moving from Level 2 to Level 0 tomorrow. Is it, “Pass Straight to Go and Collect £200” or is it “Go Straight to Jail”?

When the Levels were set up in October 2020, Scotland had 4, Scotland introducing Level 0 to get us back to normal. In England, they had 3 Tiers. When the Tiers/Levels would be removed all would be good. As Victor jokingly repeated while sitting watching the PM on Tuesday, “Don’t wear your mask but keep your mask on”. If it was a game it would be funny. At least we have clearer instructions from the FM on face coverings, whether you like it or not, it’s looking like we’ll be wearing them for many months to come. That famous board game will need an upgrade; Hat, Boot or Mask?

Our English visitors repeatedly say our rules are very different to theirs down South. This is only going to get more confusing. Tomorrow some are calling “Anxiety Day” rather than “Freedom Day”, with increasing cases and a general confusion from the big man himself. Scotland was supposed to see an end to all the Covid regulations on 9th August. Unless you’ve won the lottery, that’s not happening for any of us. Controversially for some, I would be happy with a little regulation if we were promised no further lockdowns, ever!

New figures show 10,000 businesses have closed in just 12 months with £80bn of revenue lost. High Streets, who were already crippled by an “contradictory capitalist” upwards only rent system and an archaic rating system have seen their debt increase five-fold to £2.4bn over the Pandemic. 68,000 small independent retailers have seen their collective debt rise from £250m to £1.23b over the period. 56,000 small hospitality firms have increased debt from £190m to £840m. It really does sound like Monopoly money. Add the beauty sector, sports and the arts and it truly is heart-breaking for those who carry this burden. These aren’t pieces on a game board, these are largely family businesses employing teams who often feel like family members and support a vast network of family suppliers.

Business has been penalised but our teams have been equally hurt. From the first day of lockdown when we were forced to stop working, many others were forced to stop earning. Team, who were on the Job Retention Scheme, were not even permitted to train or volunteer to help to support their own mental health and wellbeing. Income was capped. Coming out of lockdown, they are still being penalised by being prohibited from working due to isolation and being punished in other ways too. We’ve had team members who have had mortgages and loans refused because they have been on Furlough, this is now being reported in national papers as a common consequence of Covid. The level of disadvantage all of this is causing is tragic. We are back to a world where the colour of your collar makes a difference to your prospects.

One change on 9th August looks like the rule to isolate will be removed, but only for those with double vaccinations. I repeat, if this was the strategy from day one, occupation not age should have been the requirement for vaccination. It’s discrimination and discrimination based on your ability to earn, which inevitably for some will also be based on race, colour and gender.

With only 1 in 4 under 30’s having had their first vaccination you don’t need to be a genius to figure out who will be losing. With the added risk of long Covid higher with the under 30’s, what legacy are we really leaving our younger generations?

James Melville, “If Covid had struck in the 1980’s would the strategy have been the same?”. Most of us are old enough to remember a pre internet world. Telegrams at weddings, faxes and couriers delivering the most important missives. Perhaps we would have been asked to just live with it and never experience lockdown?

The strategy has stretched the service industry to breaking point. If it was all a game someone should be going to jail, but it’s not and I think they’ll just be passing go and collecting their £200.

So what can we do tomorrow in the restaurant that we can’t do today?

  1. 10 guests can dine indoors made up of four households
  2. There is no requirement to distance within the groups, thank goodness, so we won’t ask how many households! But 1m distancing still applies between groups.
  3. 15 guests from 15 households can meet outdoors
  4. Children do not count towards the numbers either indoors or outdoors
  5. Up to 200 people can attend a wedding or funeral, but still must be seated around the household rules
  6. There is no requirement to pre-book at restaurants and bars. I never understood this one as Test & Protect was required and is still required.
  7. The 2 hour rule no longer applies but as always we will continue to give a table return time to all bookings. As much as we love you, sometimes we need the table back!

We don’t plan to make any changes to service style, sorry! So far, it’s keeping all of you, our team and our family safe and well.

Some good changes tomorrow. We are definitely moving in the right direction but it still feels like a game of Chance and the Community Chest isn’t for all the players.

Keep well and keep safe and thank you



Cannonball Restaurant is opening for the first time on Wednesday 21st July and we can’t wait to welcome you.

To celebrate reopening weare delighted to offer 50% off your food bill if you book for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday for the whole of Julyquoting “Reopening offer”
(valid for pre booked tables, food only on 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th July)



With the new rules of 10 guests from 4 households and with people still encouraged to work from home,lets get you dining out for team building, we’ve all missed you.Let us introduce the “It’s not too late to celebrate package” in our exclusive private dining room for up to 24 guests
£60 per person

Minimum of 12 guests. Package includes:

Prosecco on arrival with seasonal canape
Three courses with coffee
½ bottle of Victors Vino
Package available for July to September events 2021

Please call 0131 225 1550 opt 4 or emailevents@contini.comquoting “It’s not too late to celebrate package” to qualify


Our special for the next two weeks is a lovely stay cation summer menu; Three courses and focaccia £39 per person. Add a superchilled bottle of Rosato A Mano for that extra holiday feel….

Homemade focaccia with I’Ciacca Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Burrata, baked apricots, orange zest, roasted hazelnuts, I’Ciacca olive oil and radicchio leaves

Homemade fresh East Coast crab and ricotta ravioli with a light Amalfi lemon, butter, courgette, dill and chilli

Italian figs and peaches baked in Marsala, vanilla gelato and almond brittle



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