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Everyone Needs a Home


Good morning lovely people

We all have our habits. I’m creeping back into an old bad habit of mentioning the “C” word. With the weight of all the sadness we’re seeing it’s hard not too.

Victor has been extra busy this week. He filtered and jarred almost 100 pots of his “You’re Good” raw honey from the hives at the Kitchen Garden, all delivered to the restaurants for the new season menus coming out in all venues next week. That’s happy news.

Having seven hives wasn’t a lifestyle choice. Victor’s like the bee whisperer, with four swarms over the summer being rehoused and bolstering our own hives, it’s been a win, and loads more frames packed with honey still sitting cosy. Strangers made to feel at home. Homeless bees would be such a loss. I wonder what the Home Secretary would think?

The “C” word is the Covid Enquiry. The personal testimonies of members of the public who lost loved ones is heart breaking. What’s also heart breaking is seeing the bad habits at Westminster. The mechanism of decision making and more clearly the values behind them. If these habits and behaviours are applied to other big issues; Brexit, NHS, Education, Environment, cross border relationships; can we all agree, it’s a tragedy. The lack of strategy, the huge lack of care for certain groups, the dismissiveness of women’s opinions, the appalling language (that C word leaves me wanting to start a swear jar for my B words) and a workplace environment that wouldn’t be legal anywhere. All topped with a comedic lack of leadership, it’s no surprise we are where we are. The only surprise is the honesty at how many tolerated these habits. I’ve seen and read very little about the Holyrood inquiry so there is no comment here yet but the differences in approach will no doubt become clear.

Remembrance Sunday. Who isn’t even more heartbroken at the humanitarian tragedy that is happening in the Middle East? Today of all days should be the perfect day to say STOP.  Too many have lost their lives over the years for our freedoms, how can we all sit and watch so many have no freedom at all?

Victor’s got six jars of honey to give away. If anyone would like to send a gift to someone who needs a little heart warming please share their names and we’ll send some love in the post early next week.

Keep well and keep peace close in our hearts, those that lost their lives would surely want that.

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