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Contini at Home – Now you can order up to two weeks ahead

New menu released and extended at Contini at Home. You can now order these menus over the next two weeks so you can plan ahead.

Hello lovely people. New menu released and extended. You can now order these menus over the next two weeks so you can plan ahead.

Your comments and feedback are so lovely. Thank you so very much. Sometimes Victor comes back into the car after one of the deliveries and has a wee cry! Just a little tear but it’s a tear of happiness. The little catch ups, they can’t be too long because he’s got lots to do, so don’t encourage him too much with the chat! But truthfully your words mean so much. You’re missing us as much as we’re missing you all. He’s just so thankful to see you and see your beautiful smiling faces. It truly keeps us going.

Well we’ve added more favourites – including our homemade Ravioli! Yes we’re trusting you too to do a little more finishing cooking at home so ravioli was one of the first dishes we felt we should be adding. That’s what you’ve asked for so that’s what we’ve done.

To make the Ravioli even better we’ll be using Phantassie organic eggs of course for the pasta but we’ve managed to get our hands on some of Selina Cairns beautiful Errington’s fresh ricotta! It’s just released so we may be one of the very first to get to use it. Extra special! We didn’t think we could make this any better, well we just have thanks to our wonderful suppliers.

We’ve brought another member of the team back off furlough so it’s possible to make a few more complicated items such as homemade pasta just for you. We’re also making large family size lasagne later in the week so keep an eye on the shop, we’re just waiting for the correct packaging to arrive. Why not choose your own starters and desserts and enjoy the lasagne as a family treat. It needs to be baked off in the oven and I don’t mind if you pretend you baked it yourself. It can be our secret.


The garden is coming into its own. No 1 son has been tasked with weeding. Allowing Ania and Victor to get stuck in with the planting. Broad beans, runner beans, rainbow chard all planted out. The fruit this year is going to be amazing. Gooseberries and pears will be bumper crops. Assuming we can keep on top of the grey squirrels. Victor has caught 15 in June alone! The deer are around but not causing too much damage. We’ve added our Kitchen Garden Herb Bouquet as an item in the shop as the herbs are stunning. You can use some as an arrangement or in your cooking, with enough mint for a cheeky mojito of course!

There are a few more cars in town so if you want to call and collect rather than place your order on line we can organise a timed slot for you to ensure you don’t need to wait.

Thank you most sincerely, I’m feeling a little more hopeful that we will be able to open again sometime soon, fingers crossed!

Keep well and keep safe

Carina & Victor and all the team at Contini

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