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Cherish the good weeds

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Good morning lovely people


Guerilla gardening should be a new seasonal visitor attraction in our cities.    If you see an old woman (that’s definitely not Miss Scotland)  struggling to stand up late in the evening on George Street or Castlehill, it’s nothing to do with too many Campari Spritz, it’s me digging up the dandelions.  


I’m addicted to weeding.  So many little green beauties are popping up everywhere at this time of year, it’s hard to just walk on by and leaf (🤣) them alone. 


April saw an increase in GDP, led by hospitality. They say, an indication that spending isn’t being curtailed and interest rates increased for the 13th consecutive occasion as a consequence.  Very unlucky for many with predictions of recession seemingly the acceptable opportunity cost for some. This is the “RoundUp” weed spray of the economy; expensive, damaging and very bad for the rest of the environment. The Bank of England has failed in their strategy to tackle inflation, maybe it’s time to weed them out.  Interestingly both women on the Monetary Policy Committee voted against the rise. Looks like there are some great guerilla girls in that organisation.   


In Edinburgh and in many other parts of the country, growth is coming from our international visitors, here the Americans are everywhere.  If we have a weak pound that’s driving foreign tourism, why are we penalising the local most vulnerable market through higher interest rates? I know I’m not an economist but I’m a practicalist.   It seems like someone is trying to kill the weeds not recognising them as plants that are just struggling to survive. 


I thought for a moment we should bring back Mark Carney.  The best thing to come out of the Telegraph for a long time was his piece on Brexit blame for inflation.  It’s definitely a huge part of the problem but is his legacy of Quantitative Easing not part of the problem too?  He’s doing a little guerilla economics, we could do with some guerilla politicians shaking up our parliaments. Three cheers (and thoughts and prayers) for Fergus Ewing MSP.  An heroic politician standing up for small businesses and common sense only to potentially be pulled out of his own party.   It’s strange that we can have politicians under investigation, seemingly left untouched.  


Clive Myrie got pulled from the News at 10.  Did they not like his guerilla journalism or was it a coincidental weeding? I look at our Parliaments and think they could definitely do with a good weeding.  Thankfully not all weeds are bad. 


In the Kitchen Garden the comfrey is beautiful and is great green manure. Nettles are a fabulous addition to our sauces. Clover couldn’t be more pretty and adds nitrogen to the soil.  Poppies and daisies have the wild garden buzzing with bees.  Victor and John have done a sterling job, definitely deserving our order of the thistle. The perfect sun and rain of recent weeks has made the produce look sensational.  


Courgette flowers in abundance, perfect peaches, succulent strawberries, crunchy carrots, beautiful borage, Genovese basil and purple basil, tangerine sage, gorgeous juicy gooseberries and buckets of black and red currants. Exciting daily deliveries heading to our restaurants with not a bad or good weed insight.  


Victor and I are off with our youngest for a few days before the Festival kicks in.  In addition to all the fabulous Fringe, International Festival, Book Festival and Tattoo, this year we have the Grayson Perry Retrospective Exhibition housed in the National from 22nd July.  I’ve not been as excited about an exhibition in years.    We’ve got a special dessert to celebrate.  Claire’s profiteroles, they promise to be as pretty as a picture.  Glasgow looks like it has scored big time too. Nothing to do with Scotland’s wonderful win in the rain at Hampden Park on Tuesday; Banksy, the greatest guerrilla painter, has his exhibition at the GoMA.  


My beach books are Alastair Campbell’s “But What Can I Do”.  I used to think he was a sticky willow but I see him more of a creeping buttercup, I love those.  Inspired by the Richard Dimbleby lecture; Victor bought me David Harewood’s autobiography “Maybe I Don’t Belong Here”.  I share a second generation immigrant story but with a vastly different journey.  Can’t wait to read this.   Not my usual light hearted holiday reading but I am hoping they will help me understand more about politics and its people.  Maybe I’ll find some peaceful meadows, filled with wildflowers and good weeds too. 


Keep nurturing the little guerilla in all of us, it’s definitely a good thing. 


Thank you as always 



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