Contini Edinburgh // // // “Undiscovered Piemonte” Complimentary Wine Tasting at Contini George Street

“Undiscovered Piemonte” Complimentary Wine Tasting at Contini George Street

“Undiscovered Piemonte” as part of our complimentary wine tasting series at Contini George Street

Our host Patrizia Baldini, senior brand manager at Liberty Wines will take us through an informal complimentary tasting of a few “non – Nebbiolo” wines, exploring same very common varietals like Moscato and Barbera.


DELTETTO Langhe Arneis 2018
VAJRA Dolcetto 2017
BRUNO ROCCA Barbera d’Asti
CONTERO Moscato 2018

Piemonte is one of the most recognised wine making region in Italy thanks to Barolo and Barbaresco.

Between two of Italy’s smaller regions, Liguria to the south and Valle d’Aosta to the north, lies Piemonte, the second largest region after Sicily. Its name, meaning ‘foot of the mountain’, is derived from the foothills that swing in an arc from Lake Maggiore in the north-east, round its western border with France, to the Ligurian border and the Appennines in the south. In the Langhe hills around Alba, where the French influence is still in evidence in the dialect spoken, some of the most quintessentially Italian red wines are made, from indigenous grapes such as Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo. Two of Italy’s best known white wines, Gavi and Moscato d’Asti, also come from Piemonte. Asti is one of the largest sub-regions of Piemonte, home to Barbera d’Asti, Dolcetto d’Asti and Asti Spumante. Gavi is a tiny area, closer to the border with Liguria, where soils are lighter and more sandy, perfectly suited to the Cortese grape from which Gavi is made. North of Novara, close to the Valle d’Aosta, in a little chain, are the five tiny sub-zones that include Lessona, and where the Nebbiolo grape is making a comeback.

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