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For those of you who love Zabaglione, we can now make these for you at your table at Contini Ristorante! Beautifully light, this classic alcoholic dessert is made with fresh eggs, honey or sugar (depending on your taste) and lashings of Marsala. Sheer heaven!

This is a classic dish believed to have originated in the Medici kitchens in Florence in the 1500’s.  Named after an Umbrian Nobleman, Giovanni Baglioni or Bajoun who camped his troops in an area between Bologna and Modena.  This Umbrian general  order to feed his troops during the occupation of the neighbouring lands commanded his troops only to pillage eggs, honey and wine.  To feed his troops quickly he had the ingredients all mixed together and the dish quickly became known as “Zvan Bajoun” which easily became “Zabajone”  Zvan being the local dialect for Giovanni.

Unfortunately like many of his early Giovanni got on the wrong side of the Pope and ended up beheaded.  But by goodness thank you Giovanni for Zabaglione – Make that man a Saint!  

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