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Victors Week – All about the vino

8 July 2014

Written by: Victor Contini

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first blog!

I’m just back from a fun trip with Ryan – tasting wines in London. Who says I have a hard life?  We were invited to a Piemonte Masterclass hosted by our dear friends at Liberty Wines. Barbera d’Asti, Barbera d’Alba, Barolo, Barbaresco were all world-class wines. My favourite  by far had to be the Barolo ‘Margheria’ 2010. Wow what a wine this is. The flavour, aroma and history behind the wine is phenomenal. If I could recommend one wine to you it would  be this one. There is a limited supply, it’s not on our house wine list but it’s on my favourites list so if you’d like to be one of the lucky few – just speak to Ryan or Sarah and I’ll arrange  it. Your wine wish is my command!

Carina is keeping the children and I on our toes as usual. Borders Book Festival with  Elizabeth Laird, Bannockburn Live last week (a little wet but great fun being in a tipi) and we were also over at East Neuk Festival where Carina was interviewed by our all time favourite  Newsnight celebrity, Kirsty Wark. Wow.

My dear friend Stefano from San Patrignano has been on the phone from Emilia Romagna  with the great news that three of his boys are joining our team. I look forward to introducing them to you over the next few weeks. A little Italian top up for the team is never a bad thing.  Viva Italia! Thank goodness us Italians are better at hospitality than we are at football. PS do you think I’m looking better? I’ve got a new eating regime that is getting me fit for Lynne’s Arctic walk challenge in March 2015. I have started drinking decaf Americano coffee with cream instead of my usual double espresso and it tastes great and seems to be doing  good too. Have a try!

Check back in for next week’s blog where I’m going to be all about the BEES.

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