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The Scottish Cafe is OPEN

To our friends,

When I wake up in the morning, love

And sunlight hurts my eyes,

And something without warning, love

Bears heavy on my mind

Then I look at you

And the world’s alright with me 

Just one look at you, and I know it’s gonna be

A lovely day. 

Hope you’re singing along. We’re screaming!

The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant is open from Monday 17th August.

We’ll be opening for reduced hours with an all day menu from 11am to 4pm (last orders from the kitchen at 3pm) seven days a week.

We’ll be cooking your favourites, Cullen Skink, Fish & Chips, Butteries with Lanark Blue, spinach and walnuts are back and lots of lovely home made scones, Italian meringue lemon cake to name a few.  With an all day brunch and all day afternoon tea. Something for everyone.

To help us get going, we’ve also got a brilliant deal for you.  Three courses with a half carafe of your choice of white or red wine for £25.  Too good to resist?

And with £10 off, when you spend £20 on food, on Monday – Wednesday as part of the Eat Out to Help Out campaign it’s going to be a lovely day.

The team, Victor and I and all our wider team at National Galleries of Scotland are so delighted, relieved and looking forward to welcoming you back.

Two of our three venues are back open; it is indeed going to be a good day.

We’ve had many many requests for events at Cannonball which we are eager to be able to host and we will update as soon as we have further guidelines from the government.

Keep well and keep safe and thank you



PS. I wrote this unknowingly around the same time Nicola Sturgeon (who has done a great job in an awful situation) has just announced, bars and restaurants can no longer play music in their venues. I love music. I can’t play an instrument.  I can’t sing but it’s a massive part of my life.   It’s also a massive part of our dining experience.  I’m so sad we can no longer have a little Swiss Jazz playing in the background. We’ve taken every precaution necessary to ensure dining out is a good option!   I’m not convinced this is,  for us, a necessary or even good decision.  But we have no choice but to comply.

So let’s smile with our eyes and sing in our hearts and we will get past this next challenge.

Viva cantare!   Viva The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant!