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The Scottish Cafe Dining Guidelines 2021

We’re delighted to confirm that we have been approved for the government’s hospitality accreditation scheme “WE’RE GOOD TO GO”.  This is a self certified accreditation that supports businesses in actioning the best practice and gives consumers confidence to dine out. It is a very detailed and comprehensive guide with very clear actions that we have absorbed and actioned.   The health and wellbeing of our customers, our suppliers and our team is at the heart of these best practices.  

Signage is in place throughout the restaurant to support social distancing. If queueing is unavoidable please maintain 1m distance.  We also have a one way system around the restaurant. 

Our team will be on hand to guide and direct you.  Please be reassured our team has been trained to observe social distancing when working.  

You will be asked on booking how many households are in your party so correct social distanced tables can be allocated. If this changes on arrival it may take a few minutes longer to find a suitable table for you.  Please bear with us so we can ensure your booking is compliant. 

Please note that we have allocated tables to accommodate one household and multiple households.  We can therefore not guarantee specific tables for any booking.  

Children, if in a high chair or own seat must be counted within your covers.  Please add them to the group number when booking.   

Queuing is not permitted inside the venues.  We will provide a queuing system outside the venue and you will be invited in by the host and seated immediately.  

Please note if you wish to dine outside on the Terrace please queue outside.  

We have added additional hygiene routines to all aspects of our service.  Your table and chairs will be santised before and after each use.  Our menu also acts as a table mat which will be disposed of after use. 

If possible we would recommend that you book through our online booking system or telephone.  If you are unable to book we welcome walk-ins.  It is now mandatory for us to collect all names and contact details of all members of each party, whether dining inside or outside.  We will ask you to scan a QR code when you are seated to log your details securely for mandatory contact tracing enforced by the Scottish Government. If you can not access the QR code we will provide a paper for you to complete your details.  This will apply to all children over 5 years old.

The one key change to the dining experience is how we deliver food and drinks to you.  Our kitchen and bar team will prepare all food or drinks and present these items on trays for our front of house servers to bring to you.  To help reduce contact we would ask you to remove the items from the tray.

In order to secure booking for more than 6 guests we will ask for your credit card details. These will be stored securely.  You can cancel your booking at any time before 11am on the day of the booking (9am for breakfast bookings).  If you wish to cancel after this time you will be charged £25 per cover as a cancellation fee.   Please note, no amount is debited from your card on booking it is simply held for security purposes. 

Our team on the floor wear visors to help you see their faces and share their smiles.  In the kitchen all our team wear masks. Please wear a face covering, as per government guidelines, apart from when seated (including when entering, exiting and moving around).

We will be offering contact less payment or payment by PIN.  Payment at point of order via the table order app will be available. When you wish to pay please stay at your table and our team will bring the bill to you. PDQ machines will be sanitised after each use. 

It is within the regulations that we control noise within the venue.  We do play background music at a low level.  We would ask guests not to shout or sing.  If volumes are raised we reserve the right, under the regulations, to ask you to be quiet, or remove you from the premises.

Under the Dining Regulations we have calculated our maximum capacity, including staff to be 150.  We will monitor all entry and exits to and from the venue to ensure this is not exceeded. 

Here are some frequently asked questions we hope will help you:

We will have to live with Covid-19 for some time.  The measures we have taken we hope will become second nature to all of us and will not impose on your dining experience.  

Our largest table is 6 covers and must be made up of two households, this will increase to three households from 17th May. We would prefer if possible that you can book online so we can know when you’re coming to avoid queuing if possible and support social distancing.
We are aware it will take time for general confidence to build up to dine out again.  


We will update when we have further information but will be happy to take any group booking for future dates with the caveat that it meets government guidelines. 

All booking details are held on our Resdiary system. The Test & Protect personal data will be held by us for at least 3 weeks (21 days). and then deleted. Your data will not be used for any other purpose. 

We will only share your data when it is requested directly by NHS Scotland. This will only be in the unlikely event there is a cluster of coronavirus cases linked to the venue.

We have placed stickers on the gallery concourse to help social distancing.  If you have to queue please observe these stickers.
On entering reception, our host will guide you to your table. 

You will be asked whether your dining companions are from the same or one other household as this will determine the seating arrangement. 

We do not take reservations for our outside tables as we can not guarantee the weather.  Queuing system will be in place when you arrive at the Terrace and our team will direct you to a table when it becomes available. 

The system will be signposted advising on social distancing measures and types of dining styles on offer.  

We are not temperature checking guests however we take part in the FeverFree initiative that is temperature checking all of our team and any supplier before entering the building.  If you have a high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste and smell we would like to ask that you rearrange your booking along with current guidelines.  

We have altered the interior of the restaurant and have added beautiful glass screens to help segregate guests to support social distancing.
If you would like to request a table screen, that will sit across the table we can provide if requested in advance. 

At The Scottish Cafe, NGS have upgraded our air ventilation system to support better natural air flow.  We are very lucky that The Scottish Cafe has high ceilings, an enhanced air flow system and a very large footprint to support good natural air flow. 

We have reduced the number of covers in the restaurant based on social distancing guidelines.  We have removed tables and restricted covers. We have also limited the number of tables that can be booked at the same time to ensure there is no congestion at the entrance and so that we can space tables out ensuring a safe distance between parties.  

Electronic alcohol based hand sanitising gel is available at the entrances to the venue and throughout the venue.  Our team has been trained to hand wash every thirty minutes and use hand sanitiser after any customer engagement.  Please use it at your leisure. 

All our team on the floor and kitchens wear masks. We hope you can see that they are smiling with their eyes. For diners it is now mandatory to wear a face covering entering and exiting the restaurant and also when circulating inside the restaurant.

Floor markings have been placed outside and inside the venue to help us manage a one way system and help you navigate social distancing and direct you around the restaurant.  We would ask that you follow these when moving around to use the washrooms or to leave the restaurant. 
We have also completed enhanced training for our team both in the kitchen, bar and front of house to provide best practice around social distancing when working.

Our menus will be online one week before we open and we hope to change our menus every two weeks or subject to availability.  We will have a slightly smaller choice but we will have all your favourites. 
In addition we will have single use menus and drinks lists to help avoid any possible contamination. Your order will be taken by your dedicated waiter.
For our coffee lounge we have a handy order and pay at table App to minimise contact. Our team will of course be on hand should you need assistance.

We will not be able to accept your coats or bags but will ensure there is space at your table for these. 

CHILDREN  (we love your babies)
Children who require their own seat (highchair included), or are over 5 years and over are counting towards the final number of guests at the table.
We welcome all our family and all our children however as we are not able to store your prams.   We would ask that you seat your children in their prams wherever possible. We will have a very limited number of high chairs, which will be sanitised between use.   We would ask that children are seated and not allowed to walk around the restaurant.  We will have a children’s menu.

We have structured our menus so you will be able to enjoy a leisurely experience and not feel rushed.  As per the government guidelines only 2h stay per booking is permitted

We have implemented measures throughout the premises to ensure that our guests feel confident in all aspects of the dining experience. Our pre-Covid-19 hygiene practices have now been enhanced by increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces and areas of particular concern. 

Visibly displayed enhanced cleaning schedule will demonstrate that all essential checks have been carried out on an hourly basis.
Our team is trained in appropriate cleaning methods for sanitary areas, and for use of the equipment and products for cleaning and disinfection.

We will be enhancing the amount of cleaning we will be completing throughout the day. A member of the team has been tasked with these duties and you will see them working around the restaurant.  We hope this gives you additional confidence that we are applying best practice at all times. 

An optional 10% gratuity has been added to you bill and goes directly to our team and is distributed through the Tronc system via PAYE.  Victor and Carina do not benefit from any tips. 

Our team is so happy to be back at work and able to look after you.  They have all completed a Covid-19 return to work form. They have all completed extensive refresher training and additional Covid-19 training that supports your, our suppliers and our teams health and wellbeing. They change from their clothes to clean uniforms before they are ready to start work.  We will continue to review and monitor as we commencing serving you all again. 

We have completed and reviewed our Covid-19 risk assessment and have rigorous procedures for all our suppliers.  All deliveries are received outside the premises and any contractor entering the venue will be asked to have their temperature recorded. 

Our full Covid-19 Risk assessment will be available online from 6th May 2021. 

Remember if you have any questions please call or ask the team.  We are committed to making your dining experience the best we can.  

Most importantly if there is anything you can recommend that we can do to make your experience better please share with us.  

We so very much look forward to welcoming you and thanking you for your support, it truly is greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for your booking. We very much appreciate your support for our family business.  

Victor, Carina and all the Contini team