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The last week of 2021 I had Covid-itis

Dear lovely people

The last week of 2021 I had Covid-itis.

It’s a new strain that’s been identified by myself and like minded crazy people (my research has highlighted there are higher rates of this strain for those in hospitality). It doesn’t show on any LF or PCR tests.  Symptoms include antisocial non-hugging, no desire for human touch from relatives or acquaintances, permanent mask wearing even when alone, extreme washing of hands, slight social anxiety and an overwhelming feeling that a part of your soul has been consumed by an unknown dark force.

The newly detected Flurona virus which has been around but undetected for some time shows that the flu and Covid sit within the body separately.  Covid-itis is all consuming.   Lovely people you know I’m making the Covid-itis up but in the run up to Christmas and New Year I was really shaken and honestly started to feel like a part of myself was disappearing.

The Scottish Government’s decision to change the isolation rules and force anyone who was triple vaccinated to isolate, caused absolute havoc.  The incentive to be vaccinated was undermined, in my opinion, by this strategy.  The fear it caused across the community and the uncertainty that resulted in businesses that involve social interaction / manual labour was as draining an experience that I have encountered since March 2020 when we were forced to close.  Changing the rules over a three week period was like telling a 4 year old that Santa doesn’t exist on Christmas Eve, cruel and pointless and then all the presents were under the tree with red and white ribbons, reindeer dust everywhere, the next morning.

This week’s announcement from the FM reversing the need for close contacts to isolate, who are triple jabbed, and reducing the isolate period from 10 days to 7 days for those testing negative has restored a level or order both for business (but at what cost), for individuals and for families as parents with children at school can get on with life.

At the end of last week there were 1 in 20 in Scotland and 1 in 15 in England with Covid.  When do we get to the point that we stop tracking this?    There is evidence of re-infection cases increasing. I do know a few people that have had this twice or three times now with the only need to put their pyjamas on and sit in front of the telly for a week with a paracetamol and nothing else to do with no hint of anything like hospital treatment being required.

I know the NHS is under extreme pressure and we love them for it, but to hear of only one person in Scotland in ICU over Christmas with Omicron (although this figure may have increased recently) and rumours of Covid units closing because of no patients, seems like scaremongering at an incredible level.

I’m glad the government is now saying they need business to run, hospitals and social care to function, transport to move and life to continue.  Many have been trying to do this all their lives.   Having resources at home, not contributing, but now able to get back into the community is not only invaluable but essential.

So my Covid-itis did take a part of my soul.  I want it back.  So thanks to our first dinner at home last Sunday since January 2020 I feel like I’m starting to recover.  Yes Victor and I have not had any visitors for lunch or dinner at home since then. We’ve had two of No1 daughter’s friends for cake and my nephew and his husband to watch the Euros.  Other than that we’ve been living a Covid conscious life, extremely following the rules, to protect the business and the whole team.  Looking back it’s been miserable at times.  I’ve tried to convince Victor (my conscience) this has been ok, I’m now feeling it wasn’t all necessary and it’s no longer ok.

So on the 2nd Jan I had a Covid resolution. We’ve all made sacrifices. Some tragically through the loss of loved ones.  Some through isolation and being forced to spend time alone. Some financial.  Some emotional. Some through lack of vital treatment for other more life threatening illnesses.  This journey has been different for each of us. Many of you will have made the safe choices just like us for what felt like the collective greater good.  Many haven’t felt the need to.   I’m at the stage where I don’t want to lose any more of my soul.   I want cuddles. Recovering from my Covid-itis I know we’ve done our bit. I’m opening up our family calendar. There won’t be a rush but I’m going to start cooking for more than the children, Victor and Nonna G, start sharing stories and making new memories.  As  Nonna G says before I’m a Senile Citizen, she meant Senior Citizen.

Thank you as always for your support, we wish you and your loved ones a cuddly, happy, healthy, Covid-itis free New Year.

Sending hugs

Keep well and keep safe


PS On a separate note. The new Brexit import rules means we’re facing a full further day of administration delays at the border in France.  This is dramatically affecting the wider supply chain.  It is now really starting to feel the pressure of, in my opinion, the worst collective decision the UK has made in my lifetime. As an example, unless we buy Parmigiano Reggiano direct, which we always do, we can only get Grana Padano, it’s poorer and formally much cheaper wee cousin, from two of our stop gap distributors.  As costs increase businesses will start making decisions based on price.  Focusing just on prices doesn’t give the best outcome.   The system isn’t just showing cracks, sadly it is broken.  Prices are increasing at an alarming rate.  Watch out!  Covid has for too long been a constant distraction for some. There are many other social and economic matters we really need to start re-focusing on.


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