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The cupboards are all tidy

Good morning lovely people

I love analysing things, you may have noticed. Victor says I’ve to stop trying to control the things I can’t change.  A man of few words, but his have impact. Quality not quantity I’m learning!

So on the 19th July we’ll be in Level 0 and if the FM is correct, I have just 10 more posts to write until the 9th August when all restrictions will be lifted.  Thankfully the 1m rule between households will be changed to 1m between groups, rather than between households.  Seating you all in the restaurants will now be much easier although the table of 10 and 4 households in Level 0 is now a table for 8 with 3 households. Despite the Covid Sudoku, I’m in, even if our smiles may be covered with masks indoors.  I can’t believe it, but I’m happy to go with the data and the date. We will still have to isolate. For businesses like our, we will still face having to close.  Restrictions may be lifting but not the headache.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting our heads around the latest Scottish Government Strategic Framework and physical distancing review.   We’ll be learning about the change in the shift in their approach from “zero Covid” to a “4 Harms Aware” approach. There has been a recognition that not only has the pandemic caused a direct harm to people’s health and the wider impact to health and social care services BUT there are harms to our broader way of living and society and harms to the economy.

On Wednesday a friend was in George Street and overwhelmed with life challenges she saw me, she had a wee cry and we had a hug.  For the first time I hugged on impulse, craving connection, concern and most of all compassion.

My hugs since March 2020 amount to my daily welcome home mummy cuddles, Mr & Mrs cuddles when we remember, Nonna G twice, Rocco on the couch at 9pm cuddles, niece Sofia on my 50th birthday cuddle, No.1 sons’ girlfriend two weeks ago cuddle and the occasional coffee cuddle that Alina, Victor and I have in our wee bubble when we just need a moment.

To be able to count your cuddles over 16 months shows how, like so many of you, focused we’ve been on following the regulations.  I know by observing many customers that cuddles haven’t been off the menu but many have been abstemious and, like us, religiously followed the rules.

Mr Hancock was caught with his hands on some very important data to confirm if a “clammy cuddle” with his personal adviser would be safe for the rest of us to practice later in the unlocking!  Thank goodness we have some of our politicians checking these things for us.  He was clearly willing to put his health and well-being at risk for the greater good of the general public.  If we needed any further proof of why we should be questioning our politicians advice it is right there on the ‘bottom’ front page of the papers.  Yet another example of “do what I say not what I do”.   When you’re missing hugs this behaviour leaves you questioning the choices you’ve been forced to make.  Maybe we should just change the things we can and hug those that need it the most?  But if there are consequences that affect people’s lives, it’s not such an easy decision for some of us. I’m thankful the emotional side of the pandemic has been acknowledged in the Scottish Government’s new approach.

I’ll be intrigued to see how people will readjust after August.  Every day we hear one of you say “this is the first time we’ve been out, in a restaurant since last year”.  Baby steps in unwinding the rules, I imagine for some, will be the way back to normal.

Other announcements have shared our health experts “shock” at the recent rise in case numbers. One in 220 in Scotland have Covid and one in 440 in England. Delays in closing the border to India are tripping us up faster than you can say “caught on camera”.  Surely the “surprise” increase is in part due to just opening things up and relaxing some of the rules but with cases being attributed mainly to the younger male community, this couldn’t possibly be due to the football, and with Cornwall’s numbers spiking, the G7 have nothing to do with that either!   Our politicians’ decisions that are in our world “big mistakes” have to stop and they have to be made accountable.   The past won’t change but the future has to.

Even at the beginning of this year we knew of nobody with Covid.  This time around we have got a list.  Anyone with children at school seems to be affected the most. Vaccinations seem to make the symptoms less severe but it does seem to be hugely contagious. Removing all the restrictions with this still hanging over our heads seems like another mistake in the making, but as Victor says, Carina…….

Keep well and keep safe and thank you.



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