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Let’s not forget the things we truly love

Love.  Sometimes it’s hard to articulate. Often it’s easier to see it when it’s missing.  

If you asked me on 14th February 2020 what I loved, the answer may have been something like, I love my children, Victor, sitting in St Mark’s square listening to the band and enjoying a glass of prosecco, all dressed up with nowhere to go; going to Ondine for half a dozen tempura prawns for a rare sneaky lunch with my boss (Victor just asked who that was? ❤️? ), going to the ballet with the girls, having the whole family over for lunch and cooking everyone’s favourites.

One year later and I’m sure like many of you, the answer will be different.

I love walking into our restaurants and feeling the buzz of chatter and the steam of the coffee machine or the ice in a cocktail shaker.  I love our team’s smiles and the “good morning or ciao” that I’m welcomed by every day. I love the look on friends’ faces when they greet each other at the table when they’ve not seen each other for weeks. I love the clasp of two hands saying pleased to meet you.  I love the sound of a hug; that smack on the back of pure affection.  I love seeing someone sneakily lick their lips after that first sip of a perfectly chilled glass of Prosecco.   I love guessing what someone is going to order because we know them so well.  I love clearing plates, because I know you’ve loved your meal.  I love when we have a new member of the team and they have to cook me lobster, just to check it’s good enough.   I love the sound of the kitchen, the printer, the pans, the ping of the hoist.  I love when our suppliers phone with a new product, so exciting. I love Swiss Jazz playing just a little too loud, (I know you wish we turned it down but it’s part of our energy).  I love talking to you and sharing a joke and a laugh (I used to love being incognito).  I love the change in the atmosphere of the rooms when the lights are dimmed and we’re preparing for the next service, a party or an event.  I love seeing the team eat our food, knowing we’re making good choices.  I love Edinburgh.

I love Rocco; what a bundle of happiness for our family. I love my family and I very much love all of you for helping Victor and I and our team through this nightmare.

Some days it’s hard to love but when you’re surrounded by all the love and support we get from all of you, there really is no lovelier place to be.

I love that Covid has helped me see the world in a different way.

I love that I know all these little things that may be missing now, will return. I promise.

While I’m looking forward to being able to go on holiday, go to the theatre, visit a beautiful restaurant, see the family; the more simple love of being able to work to look after my family is most on my mind.

My hospitality colleagues all love to work. We all love to look after all of you, knowing we’re making a small difference to people’s lives, to the lives of our suppliers and to the lives of our own families.  We have to get these small but beautiful things back into our lives, they are our community, they are too precious to lose.

Keep safe, keep well, keep smiling and let’s keep loving.

Thank you, thank you, thank you


PS. A message from the team.
We would very much like to thank you all, as we can’t thank you in person, for the lovely tips that you have given the team.   These are shared equally with all the team on shift through our tronc system.  With thanks and best wishes. Team Contini


It’s mid February and we’re starting to see a change in the seasons and we’ve got some beautiful new dishes on our A Home menus.  Happy shopping and happy eating.

Favorites are our new Date Night Menu, this is something we all need from time to time, our special occasion menus if you’d like to buy a gift for a loved one for a birthday or anniversary.

Suppliers we’re supporting this week: Burnside Farm, Peelham Farm, Phantassie Fruit & Vegetables, Graham’s The Family Dairy, Campbell Prime Meats, Welch’s Fishmongers, Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes, Capital Wholesalers, Ochill, Erringtons, Ian Mellis,  I’Ciacca and Liberty Wines.



A little note about our food:

We have chosen to offer a four day menu so we can “almost run a kitchen”.  This allows us to take 6 of the team off of furlough (at this time last year we had over 100 boys and girls with us) as we are offering a range of dishes which keeps the team engaged and you excited it also supports about 20 of our suppliers (at this time last year we were buying from over 60).

Each dish is prepared fresh each day and has a two day shelf.  If you’re looking for lunch just order for the previous day’s delivery slot and enjoy.

Every dish has been chosen with you in mind.  We have made the decision NOT to vacuum pack any of our food.  We’ve tried and we don’t like the change in taste, so our food has a shorter shelf life perhaps but a much fresher flavour.

We’re working with a new UK carrier with guaranteed delivery on Saturday should any of the Friday deliveries be delayed.  So good news all round.