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FATHERS DAY 21st June 2020

Hello lovely people.

You might have caught my column last week in the Scotsman, all about my daddy.  He taught me so much.  Work hard, always try your best, be good and say your prayers!  There are very few decisions that I make where I don’t have his voice in my consciousness keeping me centred.

He was a man of few words as I’ve said many times but what he said counted.  He could read you like a book.  There were no secrets.  Black and white.  No grey area or sitting on the fence with my father.  The most beautiful lesson I’ve shared with my children and with our team is –  remember to Smile with your Eyes!  With face masks becoming more visible never has there been a better time for us all to Smile with our Eyes.

Well to help you, smile with your eyes and your tummy, we’re making my lasagne for you for celebration days.

It will be a minimum 2.5 kilos as that’s what we need to prepare it to make it taste amazing.

Inverurie beef to make the Bolognese with a little milk to tenderise the mince and a splash of white wine.  Bechamel made with Mozzarella di Bufala and a little nutmeg. Homemade pasta (because when we’re cooking in the restaurant we take no shortcuts) using Phantassie organic eggs and Italian pasta flour.  We finish with some butter sugo and more Mozzarella di Bufala.  It can’t be any better.

Please order 48 hours in advance so we have a chance to make it for you the day before and then we deliver or you can collect ready to bake in the oven.  Caroline, our amazing accountant who has been with us for over 16 years is testing the sample we made today.  It will need about 11/2 – 2hrs hours in an oven at 180’C.  We always external test all the dishes to make sure our instructions work and the flavours and value meet the expectations we know you expect from us.

So place your orders now.  Father’s Day is a family day. It’s a special occasion and our lasagne is made for you for your special occasions.  It will feed 5 – 6 people.    Order antipasto and tiramisu separate as you wish.  Serve with a big salad.  We’re sharing the love.



Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your orders for Contini at Home.  It is truly a joy to be able to serve you.

The new additions to Contini at Home are receiving such beautiful comments.  Ravioli of course is a favourite.   Remember to place your orders now for next week.


A little update on the restaurants. We are planning a phased opening with Contini George Street opening first from 15th July from noon.  WOW.  I can’t tell you how emotional it is to share that great news with you.  The past months have been hard for everyone.  Hopefully this is a positive change for the future.  We’re working on our Covid-19 messaging that we’ll share with you to reassure you that all steps have been taken to ensure your and our teams safety and well being. Further details to follow on our other beautiful venues.   Reservations are now being taken!  Hurray.  (that’s Victor’s father’s day present taken care of!)

Keep well and keep safe.

And a big hug to all the Fathers, we love you all and never a day goes by when we don’t miss the ones we’ve lost.