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Contini features as a leader in Sustainability

15 May 2015

We were approached by OpenTable to take part in a feature they produced for their blog recently, ’12 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable’ Of course we were delighted to share this as sustainability truly is at the heart of what we do here at Victor & Carina Contini.

Twenty-five years ago, most Chefs wrote menus according to what they liked to cook and what they knew guests would like to eat. Few considered the seasonality of items or the consequences of importing ingredients from across the globe.

Our very own Executive Chef, Suzanne O’Connor explains just how far we have taken local sourcing, so far in fact that we started our own Kitchen Garden for the restaurants! Suzanne sees it as an opportunity for chefs to learn about how ingredients grown – carrots, cabbage, beets, broad beans – and give the cooks a new appreciation for those items in their cooking. The team are challenged to use every bit of what they grown, and any food waste they do have can now go back into the Kitchen Garden as compost.

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