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Who cares?

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Good morning lovely people 

Who are you voting for?  Many people don’t seem to care as they sadly feel it won’t make much difference.  Political homelessness is the new pandemic.  Those who do care are so confused with the options it’s hard to make the choice.   Rather than being bamboozled by political soundbites and promises on buses, how do we get the truth of what their plans really are?  Are the public skilled enough to digest and contrast each party’s manifesto? I’m definitely not. 

I know who the polls are telling me I am voting for but will that give us a different outcome?  Yes if Labour get in I think they do care more than the Conservatives but will their policies be that different given the huge financial challenges that the country is facing?  Whatever the result I feel we’re all in for a bumpy ride. 

It’s all a bit like choosing a new electricity or gas supplier.  They are all promising the lowest price and best supply but when you sign the contract and get the bill it is never what you expected and the energy cuts always come when you’re least expecting them.  

Rishi Sunak came over too aggressive for me in the ITV leaders debate.  Clearly a schooled orator and negotiator.  You can see how the polls showed him narrowly beating Keir Starmer, who was just a bit too cautious and timid perhaps.  Is that a bad thing for a politician? Maybe he felt he had more to lose and the nerves took over.  

Last week most of us thought Ed Davey had lost the plot; riding donuts in water parks and falling off paddle boards gave us all that sinking feeling.  There was no sense of a serious politician but he surprised us.  If you’ve watched Mr Davie social media post of his family story, the humanity and care in this gentle man have really struck many.  Are we witnessing another Nick Clegg moment with the Liberal Democrats sneaking in the front door of 10 Downing Street while nobody was really paying attention? 

The DDay commemoration ceremonies have also been very moving but for very different reasons.  The remaining few souls of that incredible generation that laid down their lives for all our freedoms are leaving lasting memories of why peace is so important. Those British soldiers who parachuted in for the aerial displays on Thursday needed to get their passports checked.  We might have had a different battle if that had happened 80 years ago. Importantly for many of us, it has sadly highlighted why Brexit was such an enormous mistake (we’ve lost so many of the freedoms their lives laid the foundations for).  

Brexit, the potential nemesis of the Conservative Party has seen Reform creep into their territory just like UKIP did during the Referendum.  Be careful what you wish for.  The sad story is the missed opportunity of Labour to steal the rhetoric of the real opportunity for change and get us closer (and eventually back in) to Europe again, hasn’t even been touched on.  

The majority of the Brexiteers are still not willing to admit, in public anyway, how bad the decision to leave the EU was.  Labour and LibDems haven’t been bold enough to call them out.  Sunak’s early departure from France (and general disinterest on that Continent) preferring general election campaigning (leaving David Cameron in the sunshine that he loves) spotlights his lack of priorities and sad lack of care.  Empathy should be a political necessity.  How many mistakes can this chap make and still be in the game?

Ed has got my vote so far, purely on an emotional front. Without the vaccine of proportional representation at Westminster it’s unfortunately a waste of time.  A lesson on being caring if nothing else.  No ballot has been cast yet. 

We think we have problems, over in the USA, Biden is older than DDay and the other candidate for the presidency is a convicted felon.  Who are we to complain eh! 

On 4th July we will know the answer in Westminster and by default in Holyrood. I hope enough care enough to vote.  I hope the winner cares enough to deliver what’s important.

Keep well and vote.  Your country needs you.


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