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The 10 Clouds of Covid

Watching the world around us makes me feel a bit like Chicken Little.  The poor football crowds on the streets celebrating seems like the sanatorium has opened early and they didn't let me out. The Wimbledon elite sit in 2019 style

We’re on Cloud 9, but not as you know it. We’re in the middle of a sandstorm.

Watching the world around us makes me feel a bit like Chicken Little. The poor football crowds on the streets celebrating seems like the sanatorium has opened early and they didn’t let me out. The Wimbledon elite sit in 2019 style, (all LFTed) and it leaves you thinking it must be a repeat. In Scotland, masks are not allowed in IrnBru factories. Different rules seem to be permitted in different settings with no data to back it up.

Clearly there is a large percentage of the population who are revolting (I love the double meaning of that word, present company alternative excluded of course). They have had enough and they’re making a clear statement. I’ll always go with the majority but in this case, Hades and Zeus are still forcing us to comply.

It’s time for another summary. In a few years it will seem like mythology that the ancient Greeks couldn’t even have made up. The 10 Clouds of Covid…….

CLOUD 1: Lockdown 1 Shock Phase
CLOUD 2: Furlough Relief Phase
CLOUD 3: Funding Lifeline Phase when grant support and Bounce Back Loans were released. (Bounce, the ball was flat. )
CLOUD 4: All In It Together Phase, 3 month closure becomes at least 7 month
CLOUD 5: Opening Up Phase, adjusting to new Covid protocols
CLOUD 6: Curfew and Restrictions leading to Lockdown 2 Phase
CLOUD 7: Level Restrictions and Alcohol Ban Phase
CLOUD 8: Lockdown 3 Phase when a 3 week closure becomes 5 months and reopening to a post Brexit staffing nightmare
CLOUD 9a: Isolation Time Bomb Phase, as a fellow restaurateur told me, we’re all waiting for it to explode.
CLOUD 9b(for many): Enough is Enough and I’m ignoring the regulations and the 4200 cases recorded on Friday. I do agree with ignoring the cases as there are other things we should be counting.

Cloud 9a is when restaurants and our suppliers (sadly this applies to bodies like schools and hospitals too) are forced to close for upto 10 days due to team testing positive for Covid or when several members of the team have been forced to self isolate for 10 days and are removed from the business. The former is the most financially crippling, the latter is equally damaging and while business may still be open, their man (woman) power is dramatically reduced and trade is severely restricted.

Surely these Cloud 9a, shocks should be defined as true lockdowns?

Cloud 9a aside, the government, in their wisdom, believes that while we’re opening up the economy they should no longer carry all the costs of lockdowns.

Employers from 1July have to top up 20% of Furlough salaries (plus NI, pension, holiday pay) until September when the scheme is stopped.

Cloud 2 and Cloud 3 needs are as important today (for team and for business being forced to stop work or close due to Covid or for those that have never been able to reopen or work like our nightclubs and theatres, because their sector are still under the restrictions) as they were in March 2020.

Cloud 9a feels the most traumatic phase (so far), a Herculean task that keeps challenging. At least Odysseus got a holiday. The clouds have at times felt like a cooling breeze in the blazing heat or thunderstorms while you’re out on those open pastures.

The risk of Cloud 9a and Cloud 9b at the same time is the true Achilles heel.

It’s been hinted that the double vaccination (with conditions) will be the ticket to not self isolate in England. Will Scotland follow? I know there is a lot of resistance on human rights grounds. We’ll need Ariadne’s ball of string to get out of that one.

Hospitality is lobbying for a Cloud 10 or a version of it. “Test & Release” where negative tests would allow individuals to return to work. I see this as a sensible, sustainable, safe and sane solution. Whatever the next part of the journey, it needs to come like a cool breeze on Crete in August. If it does, Victor might get a Hermes “eau de toilette” refill to keep him sweet!

Dear all, this has been a long journey, it’s not over yet, but it’s so lovely having you all keeping us company along the way.

Keep well and keep safe and thank you most sincerely



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