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Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

The Festival’s over and my ears are getting like dumbo.

Last week really felt like the festival was over. August had a little festival feel without the colourful animation that we’ve grown to love but there were still people in the city in a holiday mood. Helped with a few celebrity guests at George Street, lovely actress Angela Griffin, Masterchef Greg Wallace whose comments were hugely flattering but can’t be repeated in written form. But after the Monday Bank Holiday, which historically was the night of the Edinburgh Fireworks, the city felt like a normal September. Whatever normal is (sounds too like Prince Charles). Thankfully bookings are looking good for this week, and we so thank you for all your support.

We have seen a big shift towards dinner. With many businesses still asking their teams to work from home, lunch isn’t filled with the business community as it was before and people seem to be desperate to get away from the office (or the kitchen table) so dinner is the new go out.

Normal is such an unusual word these days. One thing that’s not normal are my ears. Carla (my wee Cinderella) has been tumble drying my face masks to the point they’ve shrunk and it’s pulling my ears out to a 90 degree angle on my face. She’s perfect in every other way, my wee worker so I’ll happily forgive her for my ears. But my wee Cinderella has now headed off to follow her dreams and I’m going to miss her. Don’t tell her!

Many of you are looking for just coffee. Especially if you are meeting friends or colleagues for a quick catch up. So we’ve created theCoffee Lounge at The Scottish Cafe. It’s there for you to drop in (you can book for coffee onlinehere) and have a very comfortable place to sit and meet with great coffee, free wifi and delicious home baking. We’ve been able to make the Covid set up easier here so we can comfortably serve a coffee offer. The AT Table app is working but we’re testing and refining it this week with formal launch next week. You’re going to love it. It’s so easy and it’s got pictures!

This will leave the restaurant space at The Scottish Cafe, which runs along the windows for our breakfast, brunch, lunch and all day afternoon tea dining offers. We’ve got a new two course set lunch for £15 which iscelebrating Scotland Food & Drink Fortnightwith some of our favourite Scottish Artisan suppliers being celebrated. Phantassie Organic, Katy Rogers, Grahams the Family Dairy, Carroll’s Heritage potatoes to name a few. A perfect lunch in a perfect setting. There are parts of life that we can think of as normal and our commitment to our suppliers certainly is as normal as it ever had been.

Contini at home new menus are now launched and don’t forget to book yourItalian veg box, with autumn approaching, Italian sunshine will lift your day and your cooking.

New at Contini at Home is a delicious Lobster Tortelloni, either as part of Victor’s Favourite menu or own its own as a main course.Have a look here

Normal was school run, work, school run, ballet run, home, work. The ballet run was with thanks to the amazing team at Edinburgh Dance Academy. Carla danced here for about eight years and feels like she’s leaving her family. Over lockdown Miss Mitchel and her team ran over 1000 free classes for all the girls and boys. They kept that community together and provided a “normal” environment for all these children over a very unusual time. They really are a special team and if you have children or grandchildren who love to dance get them signed up.
My wee one, Ari, is now on the bus full time so that leaves Victor and I full time in the restaurants, nights as well as our new normal. To substitute for a brother and a sister I’ve promised Ari (and Victor) a puppy! She calls it an upgrade. We’re on a list. I hope the list is really really long……but we’ll keep you posted.
We’re here and very much look forward to looking after you.
Keep well and keep safe
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