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At Contini, we live and breath #ScotSpirit

Easter is early this year so we’re looking forward to the start of the 2016 Edinburgh tourist season even sooner than usual.

Victor and I have always had the travel bug – must be our Italian immigrant routes! We love visiting new places, tasting new foods, chatting to the locals and capturing as much of the history and the culture as possible. So when I was flicking through Twitter last week and I came across the fabulous new video from VisitScotland on their new campaign – #ScotSpirit – it got me thinking about all our lovely visitors who make the journey to Scotland and what we have here.

I know by talking to our guests at The Scottish Cafe and Cannonball on the Royal Mile that they just love our beautiful country and it fills me with such pride (and #ScotSpirit) to hear their favourite things to do and places to visit.

In Edinburgh we’re simply spoiled for choice and with our stunning venues we’re firmly at the heart of tourist map. From Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and Gladstone’s Land, to the stunning St. Giles Cathedral (simply beautiful at Christmas time), the colours and smells of Victoria Street and the hustle and bustle of the Grassmarket, there are so many places our visitors can choose from. They make for some amazing attractions, and equally beautiful distractions! Personally I’m always distracted when wandering down St. Mary’s Street with all the lovely shops.

For Victor and I, it’s galleries rather than museums that always draw us in when we’re touring. The Scottish National Gallery on Princes Street is described as one of the most beautiful in the world. While it’s not on the scale of The Louvre, it has quality in beautiful proportions – a wee gem as us locals would say.

So welcome I say. Welcome to all our visitors. If you have time to visit other parts of the country – whether it’s The Highlands that beckons or a short drive outside the city towards Stirling, where you’ll see a stunning example of Scottish artistic talent in the shape of two giant horses heads (The Kelpies to those who don’t know), there’s a treasure trove out there.

Scotland old and new. How lucky we are to have such a wealth of character and beauty. From North Berwick beach on a sunny day to the history of New Lanark (a favourite for me and my children) I firmly believe the culture, history and sheer beauty of our country is unrivalled to any other.

It’s this which really drives my #ScotSpirit.

Why not have a look at VisitScotland’s brilliant new campaign for yourself here.


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