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Santa’s not coming to our house at Christmas

Santa's not coming to our house at Christmas | Contini

This blog post comes with the massive caveat that anyone reading this can afford to buy their children gifts for Christmas.

This is a very hot mince pie topic at home.

There comes a time when the dreaded subject of “is Santa real Mummy?” which is as alarming as discussing “where do babies comes from Daddy?” has to be aired. Let’s be honest the latter we need to get over but the former can be absolutely heartbreaking.

I tell my children I hate lies. I hate lies. They immediately remind me of Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

I know many children, now adults, who lived in fear of Christmas Day. This strange old man coming into your house, sometimes into your bedroom, in the middle of the night to leave you a present. Mirroring Angel Gabriel visiting Mary which as an unofficial feminist is a whole other topic for discussion.

Fairies and Bunnies aside, Santa comes into our homes, fair enough we know what time he’s arriving, midnight on Christmas Eve, and leave a pile of presents, beautifully wrapped, eats our mince pies, makes a mess of the carpet, bizarrely raides our vegetable drawers and is allowed to drink our whisky and drive!

As parents we still have to go buy more presents and frankly get very little credit for those pj’s and slippers you did buy as they are never quite as good as Santa’s gifts. I know there are also many children whose parents can’t afford the day to day never mind Christmas so the disappointment of waking up and nobody has visited must be unimaginable.

Why are we making life so difficult. Santa adds so much extra pressure for so many parents. It’s time to come clean and rewrite the story of Santa.

How about……Santa is this wonderful magical person who you can give gifts to and Santa takes them to the children who needs them.

Would this not make life so much better and help us to think about others in the process. In a highly commercialised world Santa is the ultimate capitalist. In a secular world why not make Santa the ultimate champion for Christmas.

Whether you believe in Christmas, the spirit of Christmas is the message we need to live not just on 25th December but every day of the year. Be kind and do good to others.

We get hundreds of charity letters asking for donations. We can’t support all of them but make all best efforts to support as many as we can.

With thanks to all our wonderful customers who support and choose our independent family business we are able to share our success and have supported many many good causes and charitable organisations throughout the years.

Santa may not be coming to our house as the children did their own shopping this year! We’ve finally realised surprises tend to end in tears.

From the business view point we are extremely grateful and never take for granted your business and your support which allows us to help so many others.

Wishing all our suppliers, team, customers and charities that do so much good a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Our warmest wishes for this holiday season

Carina Contini

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