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Puppy Love at Contini Venues

Contini venues joining dog friendly restaurants in Edinburgh
Last week Victor and I had a few days off. Quite remarkable! So lovely to spend time with the children and for the first time in over 17 months we ventured out for dinner.

Immediately we were presented with a problem, Rocco!Having never had a pet before (other than Nibbles the Rabbit and Skull the Goldfish) we were faced with the dilemma, where to go with the puppy?

We never thought we’d have a dog, I was alwaysa no dog girl. The world has changed, and so have we, and for the better. All of you who said a dog will change your world, yes you were all correct! No regrets at all. Our little live entertainment keeps us calm, (relatively) relaxed and very amused. There really is no need for TV when you have a puppy to watch. I’m sure, like all of you with the family pet, everyone is happier. Rocco, our cocker spaniel has added a level of reset we so very desperately needed during these last months.

I apologise to you all as I can now see the world from your eyes. We’ve always had calls, do you take dogs, my answer was always a flat NO! I continue to live and learn.

We are now taking bookings for you and your dog attached on the terraces at The Scottish Cafe and at Contini George Street. We can’t guarantee the weather so if it rains there is limited cover. (please note in the comments that you are bringing your dog

At Cannonball we have reserved a space in the bar for you to enjoy the restaurant a la carte menu Wednesday to Fridayin this beautiful setting. We’d ask that you book for the 5.30 or 6pm sitting so the restaurant team are able to look after you. We’ll have a bowl of water ready, tucked under the table. I’m sorry we haven’t offered this earlier.

Many guests will still be as reserved as I was, pre Rocco, so we’re still not taking dogs into the restaurant spaces but we hope this will be a welcome change for others.

Thank you as always for all your support.

Carina, Victor and all the team


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