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Proud Moment

Proud Moment | Contini

It’s been a busy few weeks for us all at Victor & Carina Contini. Opening our new venue Cannonball and whizzing round the country talking about the Kitchen Garden Cookbook, zipping up to Inverness for BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Garden programme and just getting on with the business of running our business! Sometimes amid the hurly burly of life we occasionally focus so much on how we can do better that we forget to pause and realise just how far we’ve come and how well we’re doing. But this week we had a lovely reminder that we’re getting lots of things right and being recognised by industry colleagues for our efforts. So, if you’ll forgive us for blowing our own trumpet just for a moment, we’d like to say that weare delighted that The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant has won The Sustainability Award at the Scottish Event Awards 2014. This is a fantastic accolade in recognition of our dedication to using sustainable, local produce and supporting the small Artisan growers and breeders in Scotland. Very proud moment for all our team.

The Scottish Event Awards Winners

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