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PC has many meanings


Good morning lovely people, 

I’m in big trouble. 

Inadvertently I’ve clearly been insulting almost everyone.  Victor and John in the garden, “good job boys”.  The kitchen team “good job boys”.  I love our “good girls” in the office (two are older than me).   Mr Rocco is definitely the best boy. 

Imagine beating Motherwell 3 – 1 and the manager still loses the game. Brendan Rogers comment towards the BBC sports commentator, Jane Lewis, as “a good girl” had him given the red card by the feminists.  I thought I was a feminist too but clearly not a team player on this point.   Jane wasn’t insulted but why were so many offended on her behalf?   If someone calls me a good girl, I’ll either be flattered or think they need to go to Specsavers.  

It’s International Women’s Day on 8th March. As a woman I’ve always been dubious about celebrating women only success.   When is International Men’s Day?  I’m one of eight children.  Nonna G had 4 boys and 4 girls. She says it’s because she’s Libra.   I never felt my brothers had an easier or better upbringing. Although they did get two chops but that was down to size and the same rules still apply today.  

I’ve tried to be consistent with my two girls and two boys (there I go again including Victor in the terminology).   In our business world we’re as equal as in our marriage.  Together, I know our sum is more than our two individual parts. 

The tragic cases of Emma Caldwell and Sarah Everard makes you think that not everyone sees our community equally and this is the case to raise awareness.   The horrific child abuse cases of the 70’s and 80’s highlighted by Nicky Campbell are a stark reminder that injustice do not sit solely with females. Bad people blatantly ignored and brutally abused their positions of power. The victims weren’t listened to or heard early enough.  Statistics consistently report that men commit more criminal acts than women (sorry boys).    Actions do obviously speak louder than words.  

Conversing with others in a less formal manner is part of our culture and varies from east to west and north to south.  Pet, lass, honey, darling get used by the public to hospitality male and female workers constantly. In corporate business I can’t imagine hearing these terms.  Friendships are different. Brendan and Jane clearly know each other.    Words can be cruel and consequences should be considered.  However, let’s not be insulted for others.  

 Police Constables need to act within the law and for the law to keep us safe.  The other PC,  Politically Correctness, needs to be fair and maybe have a sense of humour, as long as it doesn’t hurt.  

 The UK public sector total employees has risen from 5.4m in 2018 to 5.9m in 2023.  10% increase.   Brexit administration costs form part.  Too much PC work clearly.  Room for some better decisions for sure. 

Keep well boys and girls, let’s stay young for as long as possible and try to stay out of trouble. 

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