Maybe Not Tonight Honey

November 27, 2023

Good morning lovely people, Hearing inquiries is a bit like listening to a post hangover debrief.  I can’t remember facts from yesterday, never mind three […]

Everyone Needs a Home

November 13, 2023

Good morning lovely people We all have our habits. I’m creeping back into an old bad habit of mentioning the “C” word. With the weight […]

Turning Back Time

October 30, 2023

1975 or 76.  New Year’s Day around 5pm. I can remember every detail. Lunch was always 2.30pm so second pudding was served early evening. Green […]

We’re all Brothers and Sisters

October 16, 2023

Good morning lovely people,  One of my first negotiation lectures at University was a group workshop.  We were all excited to be doing an activity.  […]

It’s not black and white, it’s all the colours in between

October 2, 2023

Good morning lovely people, Autumn colours are ever so slowly creeping in and with the darker nights, I lost Rocco.  We’d gone for a walk […]

Keep Fit and Happy

September 18, 2023

Good morning lovely people Are you sitting down. Nonna G is starting Tai Chi. Apparently at 95 she’s eligible for the advanced (fitness, not age) class. […]

Some Consultants Are Priceless

September 4, 2023

Good morning lovely people We’ve had our fair share of business coaching and consultants over the years.  Sometimes it has felt like going to the […]

The Benefits of Bananas

August 21, 2023

Good morning lovely people, Victor has changed my term of endearment from honey bunny to noisy monkey.  The joys of almost thirty years of marriage. […]

Chicken or Goose?

August 7, 2023

Good morning lovely people, Our eldest daughter has a new job.  She’s a dancer and is touring around Britain from Aberdeen to High Wycome and […]