Don’t Worry, Be Happy

November 28, 2022

Hello lovely people, What does happiness mean for you? For Nonna G it’s duck with orange sauce, dauphinoise potatoes followed by vanilla ice cream, pineapple […]

We Must Never Forget

November 14, 2022

Hello lovely people, Permacrisis (blooming nightmare had too many syllabubs), Collins Dictionary word of the Year “an extended period of instability and insecurity”. I thought […]

Autumn brings much to be excited about

October 31, 2022

Last week I needed to leave the country to get a break; from politics. It’s exhausting. I can’t remember a time when all our national […]

And breathe…

October 18, 2022

My last missive wasn’t too cheery. Thank you to those who helped me smile the following Monday morning. One reply (very different from the many) […]

Two Faces…

October 3, 2022

Good morning lovely people, My face gets me into trouble all the time. If I’m worried or grumpy you know. If I’m happy you probably […]

Take a bow…

September 20, 2022

Good Morning Lovely People, The difference between the new PM (, the rest of us) and the Princess Royal can all be summed up in […]

Solve the problem, don’t pass it on.

September 5, 2022

Good morning lovely people,   Today we’ll hear who the new PM is. They should come clean and admit they can’t do the job but […]

Edinburgh, we love you…

August 22, 2022

Good Morning Lovely People, Edinburgh you are wonderful. Especially the week before last when the sun was shining. It’s been wet more recently but no […]

Coming home…

August 8, 2022

Good Morning Lovely People, Having left Italy, with daily a la carte restaurant choices, the big debate this week, is what shape of pasta we […]