Thank You For Your Presence

December 24, 2023

Good morning lovely people  There is no room at the inn, the stables or the police station, but it’s warm and cosy in all our […]

Pastone Al Capra

December 21, 2023

No 1 daughter’s favourite savoury pie.  It can be eaten hot or cold.   SERVES 6  300g fresh ricotta or young goats curd  100g grated Parmigiano […]

The Naughty List

December 11, 2023

Good morning lovely people, On the morning of the last post, I stayed in bed all day.  It felt like an early Christmas present.  I […]

Nonna G’s Mince Pies

December 8, 2023

Nonnas pastry made with self raising flour makes the mince pies very crumbly.  If you don’t want to make them at home the team at […]

New Years Eve Celebrations

December 6, 2023

Edinburgh Hogmanay is famous for having the best New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world. Lucky for us, our restaurants are in  prime locations for […]

Maybe Not Tonight Honey

November 27, 2023

Good morning lovely people, Hearing inquiries is a bit like listening to a post hangover debrief.  I can’t remember facts from yesterday, never mind three […]

Everyone Needs a Home

November 13, 2023

Good morning lovely people We all have our habits. I’m creeping back into an old bad habit of mentioning the “C” word. With the weight […]

Turning Back Time

October 30, 2023

1975 or 76.  New Year’s Day around 5pm. I can remember every detail. Lunch was always 2.30pm so second pudding was served early evening. Green […]

We’re all Brothers and Sisters

October 16, 2023

Good morning lovely people,  One of my first negotiation lectures at University was a group workshop.  We were all excited to be doing an activity.  […]