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Team Contini

Let us introduce you to Rosie – our fabulousHR & Administration Coordinator. She is celebrating her One Year Anniversary with our company this month!

Rosie’s story started as many of our staff in the past. She was hired to do one thing and has moved on to do amazingly within our company.
She was hired as a temporary Christmas cover to assist our events team with admin in December. Her first job on her first day was to cut out some bats for a Halloween display. It took her all day! This was troubling as she had been hired to do admin…;-) But, she quickly got the hang of it and has since gone from strength to strength, showing great skills and willingness to learn and develop.

Rosie now runs our staff training and HR department and is an invaluable member of our team. She is relishing her new career path! We love Rosie and we love knowing that we have helped and assisted in her finding a

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