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Over the last 75 weeks I’ve truly loved sharing my thoughts

There is one fundamental point

Good morning lovely people

Today you’re getting freedom from my weekly missives, but as the FM says no freedom from Covid, for some time to come.

Over the last 75 weeks I’ve truly loved (and needed) to share my thoughts and feelings of what we may look back on as being the most difficult time of our generation.
The discipline of writing a weekly update has given me the chance to interpret and try and understand the mood and the implications around the various changes our governments have imposed on all of us. I’ve loved talking to you all. Sharing the pain, disbelief, confusion and general bewilderment of where we have all found ourselves. Thank goodness we can now enjoy a glass of wine with dinner when digesting it all.Tuesday brought the last of the FM’s briefings that I hope I have to listen to. What I found most interesting was the comment that there was “no longer any legal justification to keep the restrictions in place”, as the risks are clearly reduced. Interesting! Could we prove there was “no legal justification” all along for the lockdowns and mitigations that we have been subject to? This is perhaps an even more interesting question! Nonetheless we are where we are. What will tomorrow’s “Beyond Level Zero” mean:

  1. We still have to wear masks in certain indoor environments.

  2. Test & Protect details still have to be completed in hospitality settings.

  3. We still need to isolate if we test positive for Covid.

  4. We don’t need to isolate if we have a negative PCR test and are double vaccinated.

  5. Home working is still the Scottish Government’s preference.

  6. The final sting, there will still be restrictions should there be any local Covid outbreaks.

Interestingly vertical drinking is allowed but you have to wear a mask. I’m a little confused but for industry colleagues in other styles of business I know this is a very important, and welcome, change to the rules.
From our restaurant’s viewpoint very little will change tomorrow. The stickers on the floors will go. We’ll rearrange a few tables but we won’t be adding any back. There will be no queuing for the washrooms, hallelujah. The one way system will be scrapped (be honest you didn’t follow it anyway) and we’re going to start passing plates. I can hear you all, but we’re not going to pass glasses. I’ll explain the logic on request as I’m trying to keep this short. Hopefully the phones will be ringing off the hook. Social distancing is being removed so we’ll be able to host all your lovely events and celebrations again with no restrictions.Some will feel life is back to normal. I can feel it from many around me. Research says the majority are still mindful and will continue to observe social etiquettes around distancing, hygiene and mask wearing. We will continue to place the health and well-being of you, our customers, our team, our suppliers and our family at the heart of our service.

There is one fundamental point, not all venues can open categorically. Venues with a younger workforce can still have no alternative to closing if the team has to isolate, as they will not be double vaccinated. Bizarrely if they were 17 they would be exempt! The majority of our team are under 40 and are waiting for their second vaccination. We estimate it will take about 2 months before we feel we will be in a “safe” space around the challenge of close contacts and isolation. Caution is therefore still essential.

We’re also cautious as the fundamental issue of mental health and wellbeing is still very much with us. At senior management level we are drained, it’s probably the best word to describe the last 17 months. From the teams’ view point, many are exceptionally fragile. We continue to recruit to support them, but it is a challenge. I’d asked the general public to be mindful of this as it really isn’t back to normal for many.

Our sector, like many of you, are bruised by this journey. Statistically the older generations have been harmed the most but I do feel for our children and young adults more than anyone in this journey. The damage will need time to repair, I hope it doesn’t take too long or leave too many scars. Whether that’s financially for many businesses and individuals, mentally or emotional. The loss of life due to Covid can never be ignored but the cost for many in other ways is still high. Looking at Sweden versus Australia, which country took the best approach? There will be much data and many papers in years to come which summarises every nation’s approach. Perhaps when it’s all over there may be a little comfort reading that, who knows.

This cathartic extra curricular activity has served us well. Thank you for engaging with the blog. Taking the time to respond, many of you every single week, and thanking Victor and I in person. We’ve felt so very supported. Being supported has given us the strength to support our team and our family. Thank you so very much.

Keep well and keep safe.

With all our love, as at the end of the day that’s what matters the most.

Victor, Carina and all our team.

PS. If Covid was to ever erupt again, I hope it’s as unlikely as Arthur Seat spewing lava, as Arnold says, I’ll be back! We’re going back to our weekly newsletter with no blog. Blogs will be posted from time to time as we did before but hopefully all I’ll be talking about is what has just arrived from Italy, what’s coming out of the Kitchen Garden and the wine, Victor bees or maybe what Rocco’s been up to. Never a dull moment!


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