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One for all, and all for one

Why our tips are pooledand shared equally with all of our team –

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and, if you work in hospitality, the most hectic too.

Our staff work hard all year round, but we especially appreciate their energy, cheerfulness and dedication to great service when the festive season rolls around.

The subject of gratuities has been making headlines recently. So I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure customers and make our policy clear.

At Contini venues, if you choose to leave a tip, every penny goes our team.

We distribute all gratuities equally between every member of staff (Victor & myself excepted), from the kitchen porters and chefs to the waiting team, bar team and hosts.

Our team use the ‘tronc’ system (French for ‘collection pot’), whereby all tips placed in the tronc are later redistributed among staff. The total number of hours the team work is divided by the total amount of tips for any month and each member of the team receives their equal allocation based on how many hours they work.

For the avoidance of any doubt, this system is the one approved by HMRC. This is overseen by a nominated ‘troncmaster’, so that we, as the owners, are not involved at all. The team collectively pay a nominal sum to the accountant, who processes the tronc pay roll which means legally staff don’t pay National Insurance on tips, only Basic Rate tax.

We think it’s only fair everyone has an equal share, and that tips are used as they are intended by customers – as an extra ‘thank you’ for the staff, above and beyond their usual pay.

We also feel that, while your server is key, the people who cook the food and make the drinks also play an important part in creating an enjoyable dining experience. Everyone in the team shares in making the customer journey as good as it can be, so tips are shared on this basis.

On behalf of the whole team, thank you for your custom. And, if you choose to leave a tip, know that it is appreciated (but entirely at your discretion!)

We hope that your festive season is full of good food and cheer, and we hope to welcome you soon.

Carina x

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