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Nonna G gets her first vaccine

It looks like hospitality

Dear lovely people

Within days we will all be burdened with the news that we have passed 100,000 Covid deaths in the UK. In less than one year we have lost more people to Covid than during the six years of World War 2. In a recent WHO league table of countries with a population greater than 20 million, Britain leads, Italy follows and America is in third place. This is a trophy nobody wants. Our medical friends are sharing their trauma of how bad it all is. Why is our death rate higher than all these other nations? Is this political mismanagement on a grand scale? Is our NHS so fragile it’s not coping? Or is it partly our own lifestyles to blame? Will the legacy of delayed vaccinations leave an even greater scar?

I feel sorry for anyone in a position of power to have this as part of their tenure.

It will take us time to fully comprehend the impact of this on our families, our communities and our future lives both mentally and physically.

It is too sad for too many. Protecting our most vulnerable is vital, but it’s looking like it’s going to take a long time to get the level of vaccinations we need to allow life to re-stabilise.

Nonna G, at 93 years old, got her vaccine on Friday. She got the notification on Thursday. Nonna is slightly deaf (don’t tell her you know). She got slightly excited on Wednesday when we mentioned the Inauguration. We said no, not your inoculation, the Inauguration. She loves a party and if there was any chance she’d have got to the White House she would have been off, dressed like Lady Gaga. Good news for Nonna about the inoculation, good news for America about the Inauguration and good news for the rest of the world that balance is being restored but it’s going to take time to feel the effects of all this goodness. President Biden we are praying for you.

It looks like hospitality, as we suspected, may be closed until May. Maybe they may still get the May muddled and it becomes September or October. If we could just freeze our lives that’s the only way we can really protect business for this length of time. There is grant support available but the administration task in applying for them is mind blowing. Should support not have been distributed based on tax receipts over previous years? Would that not have been easier and fairer? If you give, you receive! Not if you can find the correct application to complete you get!

I know many of you are struggling. My nephew phoned to tell me he had Covid, something we’re hearing more and more often across our community. I made him laugh, I said we had Nonna.

Edinburgh University announced that students will not be going back until September 2021. I’m sure others will follow. Glastonbury has cancelled its 2021 festival, again I’m sure more will follow.

I learn more from my children than I could ever have imagined. Carla very casually mentioned, after we were juggling work, home work, laundry, dinner, dishes, family, emotion, deafness, the usual etc….. Mummy, we are all dealing with a different sort of mourning.

It was very insightful, there is a loss, whether it is a loved one or just time, we all have to find ways to manage this process. We are all mourning something.

Carla and I have decided to write a list of what we want to be when we come out of this. We want to be able to look back with no regrets. Lockdown 1 was a massive challenge, I have regrets. I feel more accepting this time round, maybe I’ve had my mourning already? I hope so. I’m focusing on being positive.

We are all here for you. We are very aware of the virus when we are working (and when we aren’t) and take this responsibility very seriously.

This is a longer journey every day. My prayer for all of you is that none of us will be in the next statistic.

Keep well and keep safe

Thank you, thank you, thank you.





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