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New Prime Minister : Job Advert


Good morning lovely people 

That felt like the longest six weeks of our lives. The days seemed to go on and on.  The journalists commentating throughout the night were pros.  Labour has won the General Election and Sir John Curtis can have a good holiday knowing he is excellent at his job.   

The task ahead seems herculean.  Who would actually want to tackle it?   The job advert should say: 

  • Be honest with the unpopular truths
  • Agree a shared vision that encompasses all the many different views of your community
  • Allocate the money to fix the problems without breaking what isn’t already broken 
  • Be a peacekeeper, in a community that is not in harmony. 
  • Acknowledge you can change your mind, but suffer the consequences  

Labour has five years to show they were the right people to start the job.  Many believe it may be an impossible task, in any time frame.

I’m not sure how it took us 14 years to find out the Conservatives weren’t fit for the job.  The lack of stability has created an underlying fractured election result and an underlying fractured society.  57% turnout, the lowest on record.  Labour secured a smaller vote share than in 2017 and 2019 despite a landslide victory.  The Conservatives, the biggest losers.   The SNP had a disaster. Alba lost all their deposits.  Is Independence now off the agenda for a generation?   Interestingly, Proportional Representation would have given Reform 93 seats and they would have been the third largest party, not the Liberal Democrats.  Seeing the share that Reform has is perhaps the nationalist job we should all be focusing on.  Well done Britain for not succumbing to a far right agenda, yet.  We’ve often been behind Europe on many fronts, I hope we don’t follow the trend on this one.   

The Conservatives results:  

5 Prime Ministers and 7 Chancellors 

8 Home Secretaries and 8 Foreign Secretaire 

13 culture Secretaries and 16 housing ministers 

29 billionaires in 2010 to 177 billionaires today

Highest taxes in 70 years and the lowest corporate taxes in 50 years 

National Debt is now 3 trillion

Masterminding Brexit which has been their undoing and sadly the countries too. Who really were they serving, it’s as if they had a different job description? 

Sir Keir will be settling into the symbolic British nation’s home at 10 Downing Street.  When he draws back the curtains, checks the loft and opens the cupboards what is he really going to find?  I love a fixer upper.  Even the most enthusiastic Kevin McCloud fanatic would struggle to know where to start to tackle this house to fix.   

The roof is leaking, the plumbing is blocked, rewiring required, the windows are broken, unstable foundations, the garden has been neglected and the family aren’t talking.  There is no money under the mattress and we’re yet to see if the last house guests paid all the bills. 

We need an extreme makeover not just a change of wallpaper.  Only true public servants would honestly want this job. 

Good luck Sir Keir, you’re a better man than most. We think you know what a man and woman is, which is a relief.   It’s in all our interests that you are the right candidate.  

Keep well and keep working hard, we will all need to. 



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