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Mixed Messages

SAGE scientists admitted that the strategy to lockdown was based on fear. I've bought into the fear agenda. Our business has approached the virus with great caution and care. Our family has been equally compliant. I'm chaining myself to the pillars outside 103 George Street if there is any hint of another Level 3 or 4 lockdown. A lovely friend said he's joining me

I read papers aligned with all political parties to try and find balance. I listen to the radio as much as I watch the news, I have my little twitter bubble which throws up a whole jumble of thoughts and I talk to people.

60 weeks from our first lockdown I am no clearer of the journey we have travelled. Have the hardships (they are tangible if you have been part of the arts, freelance, sports or hospitality sectors) and indeed sacrifices, been worth it, or, sitting on the other side of the fence, appreciated? I do not believe the decision makers have any concept of the reality of this.

Reading in one broadsheet that, come 21st June (in England) freedoms will be restored and that our existing vaccinations are effective towards the Indian variant and reading in another that restrictions will continue for months due to the risk of the Indian variant overpowering the NHS, what do you take as truth? Who is feeding the press with contradictory propaganda? Or is the press feeding us their own agenda? My head can’t cope. I’ve lost track of where Scotland is heading. The news that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has very sadly been cancelled this year again has left me wondering what the summer, and further months will look like.

SAGE scientists admitted that the strategy to lockdown was based on fear. I’ve bought into the fear agenda. Our business has approached the virus with great caution and care. Our family has been equally compliant. I’m chaining myself to the pillars outside 103 George Street if there is any hint of another Level 3 or 4 lockdown. A lovely friend said he’s joining me, but I’ve to bring the wine. I’ll be posting the invitation in the paper.

Based on our recent TripAdvisor reviews, the public have been reading different papers from me. We’ve had several nippy comments that our Covid procedures are over the top! Please stop me from losing it. Maybe these are from the same customers that asked what “Test & Protect” was? How after all this time can the public have such different awareness of the regulations, or indeed the awareness of what our sector has had to cope with, clearly we are on different channels.

If we could still plan some form of life balance, even if it was stopped and started, then I may be less resistant to the mixed messaging but as this carries on it feels like we are still living day to day and losing the will to live ever so slightly.

Glasgow has been held in lockdown for another week, thankfully East Renfrewshire and Midlothianhave been told topull theirsocks up or theytoo will be moving back to Level 3. It’s nonsense. We’re still getting traffic to the capital from north, south, east and west and unless we are all subject to the same restrictions the impact is only affecting those who are compliant. We’ve had many cancellations from customers who have not been able to travel from Glasgow at the weekend. I know for sure, if the sun is shining, we’ll have many west coast accents on the terrace nonetheless. Sadly it’s those who seem to have been following the rules that are missing out on the most. The NHS is not currently being overwhelmed (this is based on conversations with NHS staff). Those in need of the NHS for treatments other than Covid should be our priority now. The industry is lobbying for the hospitality restrictions for Levels 3 and 2 to be combined. Not serving alcohol in restaurants in Level 3 really isn’t going to stop the virus or stop people travelling for hospitality, so show some mercy and relax this part of the regulations.

We had last Sunday off and I caught Victor on his knees cuddling on the couch. Poor Rocco gets smothered by the nearest Contini! He’s got his first six month health check next week. I’ve never had a 6 month health check other than for my teeth! Rocco gets his food weighed every day, his snacks come in biodegradable bags, he gets quality walk time each morning and evening with his beloved, regular play dates, Nonna’s fluffy sheepskin rug, need I say any more. I don’t know if this information is useful or harmful to Victor’s reputation (or mine). But we’re sharing in good faith. Rocco is keeping our wee bubble in balance. Who ever would have thought sanity came with four paws.

Keep safe, keep well, keep smiling and thank you all



It’s that time of year, where we celebrate the achievements of our children and friends and we want to be part of it!

Book ahead at Contini George Street and Cannonball House quoting “Graduation” and the whole party will receive a complimentary glass of Prosecco when dining a la carte.


Thank you so much for your bookings in July. Join us for drinks and canapes in our beautiful bar then meander up to the restaurant with stunning views of the city. Covers in the restaurant have reduced from 76 to 44. The double height ceilings and windows make the room even more spacious and relaxed.
The menu is fun. There are nine dishes for you to choose with athree or six course tasting menucelebrating all of our heritage suppliers and growers.

Try it – you’re gonna love it.


We are so thrilled to see you all back and enjoying a drink or two with your meal, both inside and on our terrace.

We are delighted to be working with Brewdog and have created an amazing oasis on our terrace, serving fantastic food, beer and drinks. Join us there and tag us in your photos using #CiaoPunks for our summer competition where we select the best, most enticing photo of summer dining.


Our terrace is in full swing and over the next week we are adding big umbrellas to give a little bit of shelter for the inevitable downpours of the Scottish spring and summer.
How good do these look? If that’s not summer in a bowl we don’t know what is!

Strawberries, ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce and toasted soft meringue sundae



Perfect for smaller to mid parties with perhaps a whisky tasting added for good measure!

Cannonball Restaurant is available for groups of 20-56 guests

Cannonball Private Dining Room is available for 8-24 guests

Cannonball Bar is available for seated drinks and canape events – two areas available lower bar for up to 16 and upper bar for up to 15 guests.

Menus start at £35 for three courses. Choose traditional Scottish or contemporary Italian.



We’ve added some popular classics this week.
Order for Edinburgh delivery Thursday to Saturday and rest of Scotland and UK for Friday delivery using the links below.



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