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Meet Tommy: Cannonball’s Head Chef


Starting in professional kitchens in 1999, our Cannonball Head Chef, Tommy, has had a colourful career in the culinary world! We caught a couple minutes of Tommy’s time (which is a feat in itself) to delve into the man behind the dishes.

Tommy, what’s been a career highlight?
More of a highlights reel – being part of many memorable events in guests’ lives and hearing a great vibe and enjoyment about the food and service!

Favourite dish on the current June menu?
At the moment, the St Brides smoked duck.

Do you have a break from the kitchen at home, or keep it going?
I don’t cook much at home – usually a one pot wonder’ – they’re not a lot of mess and a family pleaser.

What’s the most important aspect of producing premium dishes/experiences?
When food is in season, that’s when it’s best. My gran always took us to local markets and walks out and about for berries. Everyone was on a first-name basis – the butcher, fish mongers and so on.

Can you give us any hints for what’s to come on the July menu?
Always working on menus is as much a surprise for me as everyone else! But, expect lots of fruits, sea herbs… fine, you can have one reveal…apricot tart with goats curd, mint and black sesame.

Thanks Tommy! ♥️

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