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Maybe Not Tonight Honey

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Good morning lovely people,

Hearing inquiries is a bit like listening to a post hangover debrief.  I can’t remember facts from yesterday, never mind three years ago. Yes I could check my notes, I’ve got quite good ones, but when asked to describe my own history, I struggle. Emotions on the other hand; none of us forget how we feel.  I suggest all future inquiries should be emotional. If anyone was happy from March 2020 for the following 6 months, send them to the guillotine. 

Sir Ridley Scott seems to have lost some of the facts too with the release of Napoleon. Watching Joaquin Phoenix I wasn’t sure if it was Caesar or Bonaparte I was looking at. A cannonball was never fired at the Pyramids and Joséphine was older not younger than her lover but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. If it’s a good story? Time will tell for this one. 

Even a director with the wisdom and experience of Scott shouldn’t get it wrong, should he? David Cameron’s (sorry Lord Chipping North) experience applied to Foreign Secretary can only be looked on as desperation. Somebody has forgotten recent history and all the potato peelings that this individual’s direction has left us with. Do you think he’s being positioned for a return to PM or is that title going to Nigel Farage? Either way, get me out of here quick.   

I’m possibly losing the plot. I’ve asked Nonna G to write this week’s post. She hasn’t objected because we haven’t bothered to ask her opinion. This mirrors forgetting to ask the Chief Medical officer and their scientific advisors thoughts before the launch of the Eat Out to Help Out Campaign. I’ve given Nonna my iPad to help her out. Mass Chinese exercises searches have our data roaming charges off the charts. She’s an expert on going to church online and she’s working on being teacher’s pet at her Tai Chi classes. Expensive stuff.  

Having double checked my notes, hospitality was no more culpable than socialising at home, going to the supermarket or anywhere else. It feels like our sector’s getting the boot again.  A bit like the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. Hospitality, particularly in Scotland, is being penalised. For a second year as Business Rates relief will probably not be passed onto Scottish business. The bigger challenge will be paying for the National Living Wage increase. I don’t know anyone, including Patrick Grant, recently articulated on Question Time, who doesn’t want incomes to rise. We want to pay our team more. We value them and want to keep them. Maciej has just passed his 17 years service as head pastry chef at Contini George Street. Pay and package supported through skill and commitment. If we were only rewarding long term commitment, excellent pay is an industry given. The transient and highly labour intensive nature of the sector that is heavily taxed, makes it impossible.   Blanket increases with no added productivity through AI or other cost savings just aren’t possible. The Chancellor’s announcement sounded like Santa Claus. He’s the Grinch dressed as Father Christmas.  It’s not the government that will be funding pay, it’s the business facing a 10% increase.  Many will not be able to fund this. Nobody wants to put prices up again. Apparently an election is coming quick in the New Year. I wonder what bribes will be touted to try and convince us to forget recent history. No doubt we’ll be left with a hangover.  

I’m signing off with a joke… A grandson asked his grandfather; “Nonno why after 50 years of marriage to Nonna do you still call her darling.  Is that what true love looks like? The Nonno bent down and whispered in his grandsons ear, “Son, I forgot her name years ago and I’m too scared to ask”.   Maybe that’s why Victor’s been calling me darling recently, I thought it was just because he wanted something.  Maybe not tonight honey.  

Keep well and keep sharing your emotions, it’s a good health enquiry. 

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