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I never thought a German car would change our lives

I never thought a German car would change our lives | Contini

Last month my fourth child, (no not Victor) my fabulous yellow Fiat – known in the family as Luigi, who was loved and cherished was handed back and a new member of the family arrived. An electric car.

My brother and niece had raved about theirs for years but with the contract on the fiat coming to an end there was an opportunity for a new sustainable choice.

What I didn’t realise is what a significant effect it would have on my life.

Driving a diesel guzzling, nippy, cheeky Italian buggy made me on reflection a time guzzling, nippy, grumpy, Italian stress ball.

To get from A to B involved innumerable gear changes and the desire to get from A to B involved the revving of the engine to get the gear box to move from first to sixth gear. So much effort just to get up a small incline. Looking back driving the car was how I was driving the business. With huge effort that wasn’t always easy or fun.

Now I’ve not been that bad and after 14 years of working life and with three children who are no longer babies there are many changes which have helped us shift into a smoother gear. The car has simply helped put a spotlight on the changes for good that we’ve been able to make.

So today I’m driving an electric car that gets plugged in at home each night. No more trips to the garage and no more temptation from those chocolate bars sitting at the till point crying to be eaten. So less time wasted in a cold windy petrol station and more quality time enjoyed elsewhere.

The speedometer on the dial of my new car shows the optimum engine use. Driving slower gives you more mileage. Unlike my diesel the higher gear was more efficient so the push to get to go faster was the energy you need to save to be more saving. This previously conflicting style has been replaced with a much more mellow and manageable drive.

I can safely say I’m now driving safer, slower, cheaper and more sustainably and achieving more in the balance. With the added bonus that this is filtering over into the business.

I’m calmer, happier, less geared up and far more chilled – even with my lovely heated electric bottle warmer!

I was taught by our business coach Fergus King several years ago that when you’re in balance your business is in balance. For the first time in several years I feel we’re getting there. Older and wiser and more practiced will have contributed. And having a great team around you as I’ve said many many times before really does make the difference. But my new go kart is certainly helping too.

I’ve also got eight easily accessible radio station buttons. I know it’s luxury. My Fiat previously only had four. Forth 1 to Radio 2 and a bit of Radio 4 when the children weren’t in the car have been substituted with Radio 3 and Classic FM. Classic music has also calmed me down. The constant high octane repeat of pop hits leaves you as geared up as the gears in the Fiat. Smooth and calm all the way to work and back home.

So my travel time is classier by far in many ways but so much cheaper financial and so much more sustainable for business and family.

Now I must say that this new continental influence is not changing my cooking habits or cooking style. Italian heritage with the very best Scottish larder and a whole lot of talent to grow, prepare and plate. So our cooking is in great hands and I’m feeling very safe in my new electric car.

Go electric – it’s nice to be a bright spark.


Carina Contini

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