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I have a plan | Contini

Good morning lovely people,

What’s unfolding is like an episode of the comedy Blackadder, but not as funny.

They had a plan that was “as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.” The cunning plan of a few Blackadders in power seems to exceed even that.

Those of us who are able, try to make a difference where we can. Individuals and businesses can only do so much. Common ground and common goals are key. Big changes are however needed. Those with the power to make the big changes are not budging. Well they budged a little on Thursday to deflect from the damming Sue Grey Report on Wednesday. 8 million low income households to get a one off payment of £650 from July. The £200 “loan-no-loan” changed to a £400 flat reduction in October for all households. Was this the right support for the right people? Was this done at the right time? Did the right sources pay enough or was it just another cunning plan that us Baldricks haven’t figured out yet?

We’re not seeing common ground, common goals or learning at No10. Treating cleaners and security teams differently to management puts a very strong spotlight on culture and could show how entitlement has influenced policy. Maybe this is one good result of the Sue Grey Report? Out of 126 Partygate fines, to see they have been disproportionately levied on women and junior officials it’s another spotlight that needs attention.

Over this century we were moving towards a better lifestyle for the majority. Health and mental wellbeing, particularly post Pandemic have not moved fast enough. It feels like in 2022 there are those who are trying very hard to create a void, closer to one Blackadder would recognise. Old Queenie will nonetheless enjoy her party.

The cost of living squeeze is going to marginalise our poorest and will affect economic recovery for some sectors. The streets of Milan have reported civic unrest around the new pressures that the public there are facing. The Greek financial crisis of the early 2010’s did see the power of the people force change. Lobbying helped a change here this week. Once the winter months kick in, we’ll need to see more or we might be in “the stickiest situation since Sticky the Stick Insect got stuck on a sticky bun”.

A happy and supported team will perform better and add more value. Investing in those that are contributing is vital but acknowledging those that need help is our duty. Our society functions the same. If our governments approached the running of the country with more real life (family) business focus maybe we would have a fairer, healthier, more successful and happier community?

To hear the Chancellor say “it’s businesses responsibility to invest, train and innovate” clearly misses the point of what businesses do to succeed. Equally, learning to cook when you can’t afford to turn on the gas leaves that old dilemma: is making a salad actually cooking? The PM is an expert in oven ready cooking. Maybe he’ll apologise like he did last week for forgetting to read the instructions for that Brexit hot pot he made. “The eyes are open, the mouth moves but Mr Brain has long since departed” or is it simply all part of the cunning plan of bluff, bluff, bluffing.

It’s not Anika Rice but Blackadder that should be coming back. Ben Elton, Rowan Atkinson and Tony Roberston have beena bit short of content, they can definitely plan for a new season now.

Keep well and keep sane.


PSto he lovely person who handed in “You Go Girl” and lovely Liz, Thank You.




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