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Festa Festa Festa!

Who remembers their first Gala Day? Cockenzie and Port Seton galas were always special for our family when we were little. The flags were always hung well in advance. My trip to Marks & Spencer or C&A (we all remember that one) for my new gala dress, new white sandals and obligatory white cardigan as it was always still freezing, even in June!

I’m so glad that Gala Days are still as popular as ever and going strong. There’s such a sense of community and celebration which just fills me with joy. For many towns across Scotland, Gala Days commemorate historic events with pageants and processions, floats and pipe bands. Oh, I’m getting goosebumps just typing this as I can just hear the pipe bands in my head and see all the smiling faces of children who are having the time of their lives!

Obviously the good old Scottish weather doesn’t always play ball with us so on many a Gala Day we’ve stood there in our cagoules and anoraks – better suited to October than June but hey ho, we never complained. We waved our hands and waved our flags and shouted “hip, hip hooray” at the top of our lungs! Oh, the memories!

If you’re not already aware, we’ve been having our own month-long gala celebration at Contini Ristorante. Festa della Repubblica, the traditional Italian holiday, is being celebrated in style at 103 George Street. The occasion marks the 70th anniversary of Italy becoming a republic in 1946.

So, whether you love rich red wine, crisp chilled beer, hearty pasta or sweet gelato, there’s no need to set foot on a plane this June to experience Italy.

Until the end of the month we’re hosting a celebration of our Italian heritage at Contini Ristorante. The flags are up, the flowers are green, white and red and we’re in the party mood.

From live music to cocktails, we’ll be showcasing the many wonderful regions of this beautiful country. So let us give you a flavour of what’s happening this June:

  • Free Italian conversation sessions every Saturday morning in June from 10-11am at Contini Ristorante with YaketyYak.
  • Traditional Neapolitan music every Sunday in June 8pm until 10pm.
  • Pranzo – our special Roma Lunch – between noon and 3pm every day for just £12.

Both Victor and I come from large Italian-Scots families where food, culture and history are in our blood. While many of our customers will already know us and have visited our Scottish restaurants, we wanted to celebrate our heritage. Please come and see us soon!

From food and drink to Italian lessons and live music, there is something on offer for everyone.



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