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Festa Della Repubblica

News Flash – This is not a political broadcast!

At the beginning of the year I thought let’s do something fun and bring a bit more of Italy to Scotland. All before I realised that the EU Referendum takes place on 23rd June.

Festa Della Repubblica or Italian National Day, is celebrated in Italy on 2nd June. The day commemorates the referendum in 1946, following the Second World War and the fall of Fascism when Italy became a republic.

Politics aside, June is a great month to have a party so we hope you all can join in and share in the wonderful things that we love about Italy. From live music to cocktails, we’ll be showcasing the many wonderful regions of this beautiful country. It’s better than going on holiday because you don’t need to buy the flights! So let me give you a flavour of what we have in store this June.

  • We’re looking forward to starting our Italian Classes every Saturday morning in June from 10 am to 11am at Contini Ristorante. Why not pop along, buy a coffee and brush up on your Italian phrases.
  • Music as you know is something we love at Ristorante so why not come along and enjoy the beautiful long evenings at 103 George Street and listen to our traditional Neapolitan music every Sunday in June 8pm – 10pm. We’ve booked some of the best Italian musicians in Scotland. Join us and hear the classical Neapolitan repertoire of Lara Russo, accompanied by Mr Du Feu on the guitar. So why not enjoy your Sunday nights in June Ristorante with dinner or just a pizza and a lovely glass of wine whilst taking part in the Festa.
  • For time precious but quality conscious people, why not enjoy Pranzo, Roma Lunch between noon and 3pm for just £12. Enjoy a main course pasta of the day and a small glass of white or red wine wine. Guaranteed to be fed, watered and re-energised within 30 minutes.

More and more of our guests are looking for vegetarian dishes so there is no better time of the year to bring you all of the sunshine we import from Italy with of our amazing fresh produce. Violet aubergines, San Marzano tomatoes, Pachino tomatoes, Camone tomatoes, cherries and apricots supplemented of course with beetroot, pea shoots, broad beans, peas from our very own kitchen garden.

We’ll have everything from a new range of gelato, because you can’t think of Italy without thinking of gelato. We have many new flavours for you to enjoy at just £2.50 per flavour. Choose from Pistacchio (pistachio), Fragola (fresh Scottish strawberry), Mandorla (almond), Azzurro (fun for the children ads it’s blue like the colour of the Mediterranean) and delicious Amalfi Lemon Sorbet. Sheer heaven!

  • Aperitivo – Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm

I’m sure you’ve all heard of aperitivo, the tradition of enjoying a pre-dinner drink, usually al-fresco, taking time to sit and chat with colleagues after work knowing that dinner will take place much later in the evening. Well we’re bringing Aperitivo Milanese-style to Ristorante. One of Italy’s most relaxed and enjoyable experiences after a hard day at work. Leave the office and enjoy a refreshing spritz from our new range or any cocktail and help yourself to complimentary aperitivo snack at the bar. And not just any snacks, an array of small antipasti and bruschetta so moreish you won’t be able to resist.

  • Victor’s Wine of the Month from Mark and Elvezia from Amano in Puglia

One of our favourite producers Mark and Elvezia are world class wine producers delivering world class wines at very practical prices. Delicious. Amano Rosato is sunshine in a glass. Love at first sight. The colour, aroma and flavour exceed all your expectations.

Alternatively, something you may not have tried before but chilled red wine in the summer is a real treat, completely different and utterly refreshing. Amano Susumaniello is one of our favourite wines. It’s red, made from an indigenous grape Puglian variety and best served chilled. Delicious as a pre-dinner drink or just perfect sipping in the sunshine when you can steal some free-time in the late afternoon.

  • Digestivo – Digestive

It’s great that the Italians have so many different words for different stages of their eating and drinking rituals. Italy has a wonderful tradition of enjoying a meal all the way through to the final sip of a delicious digestive or liquor. You’ve got to try Amaro Nonino – the loveliest digestivo with a slice of orange over ice from Victor’s dear friends the Nonino Family in Frulia. Even more refreshing is the delicious Limoncello – this classic lemon liquor from the Amalfi coast which is heavenly and always available chilled.

We have so much in store for you to enjoy this June and we can’t wait to welcome you.

For more information keep an eye on our website and social media channels.