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Enjoy good food in a confident dining environment at Contini venues

We can't add any more Covid-19 safety measures

It’s getting stranger by the minute. You know that groggy space when you’ve fallen asleep in front of the telly and you know you need to get up and get to bed but it’s just too much of a pain. That’s what this is starting to feel like. Confused!

So lovely people, more changes, more rules but we need to adjust. We need to get even more nimble. We’ll all be entering the Covid Olympics at this rate.

My family knows I cook chicken every Sunday. It’s a family joke. Yesterday I said to Victor I’d make Saltimbocca alla Romana. He got so excited. Great, so we’re not having chicken! No Victor, we’re having Chicken Saltimbocca. We had a wee crack up! A wee dance as we always do, and an acknowledgement that we’ll get through this. It’s our relationships that keep us going. I can cope with anything if Victor is laughing. He’s laughing so it’s all good.

The world is chicken but just in a different way. We still have lives to live, we just need to live them in a different way.

So how do these latest announcements affect us.

We can’t add any more Covid-19 safety measures, I feel we’ve ticked all the boxes from day one and we’re proud that actually there is very little we need to change to allow you to continue to enjoy good food in a confident dining environment.

Princes Street Gardens are starting their seasonal autumn colour change and it really is beautiful. At The Scottish Cafe we’re hoping to extend our hours on Saturdays to 10am – 5pm (last kitchen orders 4pm). We’ll let you know as soon as we do! Beautiful nature, world class art, all day Afternoon Tea and other delicious classic dishes and baking. Excellent.

At Contini George Street, we’ve going to open all day on Saturday to accommodate more leisurely lunches and we’re keeping our last booking at 9pm but with the understanding that we can serve up to two courses. This will give you enough time to be comfortable and if you have room we have our Curfew Menu! Desserts, cheese, chilled bottles of wines, coffees and liquors for you to take away. It’s a bit of fun if nothing else.

These latest rule changes are making it easier to know what the next few months will look like. How long the government will be able to keep the “no visitors to our homes rule”, I don’t know. It seems very unfair (even if it’s potentially good for hospitality businesses) that families can meet in our venues but can’t meet in their mothers or brothers homes. Our venues are providing Covid safe hospitality, so we are here for you.

From next week we will be delivering on Mondays too!


Find the things that make you laugh, and we’ll get through this together.

Keep well and keep safe


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