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We're going to cook for you and your families over this horrendous journey

Never in my life have I felt the need for my entrepreneurial spirit to be ignited.

I’m digging deep and while I’m extremely nervous I’m also excited and determined to launch a new way of feeding you all, Contini Cooks.

Yesterday we took the heartbreaking decision to temporarily close our restaurants and events.

Words can’t describe the last few days. I’ve had to tell so many of my team we have no work for them. I’ve been unable to give them any comfort other than my sincere thanks for all their hard work and hope one day soon we will be able to work together again. We’ve always tried to invest in their health and wellbeing. This now seems a dream within a nightmare.

I’ve spoken to so many suppliers who have closed or laid off most of their teams. The government needs to act and act quickly or we lose many of our amazing artisan skills.

Importantly the vast number of layoffs, and added debit across the hospitality sector will create an economic shockwave we may never recover from. We’ve been feeling that a recession has been on the cards, is my cynical side working too hard? I hope not.

On a positive front, Contini Cooks will allow us to be creative. We hope it will allow us to save our core team who have been with us for years.

We’re going to cook for you and your families over this horrendous journey, we’re going to keep our team safe doing so and we’re going to deliver delicious food to your door with the support of one of dear suppliers Capital Wholesalers.

We look forward to feeding you, and our team look forward to welcoming you back to our restaurants very soon.

Keep well, keep safe and start ordering from Contini Cooks for Click & Collect from tomorrow with deliveries starting next week.

Looking forward to feeding you from Saturday and for many years to follow.

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