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Connect Local launched at The Scottish Cafe

No one is more passionate about using the very best Scottish produce than the Contini team, which is why I was truly delighted to welcome Fergus Ewing MSP to the Scottish Café on St Andrew’s Day to launch a new initiative called Connect Local.

For those who don’t yet know, Connect Local is a £3 million scheme to bring together local producers, entrepreneurs and SMEs in the food and drink industry, and help them to better promote themselves.

Some of our own lovely suppliers were able to make it along to the event.And we had a little launch of our own later in the day, when we unveiled an interactive map of Scotland which shows where we source the ingredients for our restaurants. Fitting all 70 suppliers on the map was a challenge!

We have no shortage of amazing produce in Scotland, we just need to learn to shout louder about it so that those ‘hidden gems’ can shine a little more brightly.

Carina Contini

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