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Cold turkey isn’t to everyone’s taste

The new isolation rules have left our team crying Mamma Mia! We truly love them for all the effort they have made to keep us trading. The team that is isolating is reporting that they have very minor symptoms

I hope you’ve all eaten lots, drunk enough and laughed more than usual.

We’re looking forward to our Boxing Day cold turkey sandwiches. We love a cold turkey sandwich in Casa Contini, it’s a highlight of the year. Lunch today is reheated homemade pasta (it’s a family obsession) followed by trifle that was made for yesterday but not eaten as usual. The excitement of the dayis our teatime snack. That ubiquitous sliced white loaf, a treat in itself as we very rarely buy, lashings of Graham’s unsalted butter, a little mustard on the side and we’re all very happy in our PJ’s in front of the telly with a big box of chocolates. Guilty pleasures!

This year it’s looking like we’re going to have our fill of cold turkey, but it’s not the one that’s served in between fresh soft buttered bread.

From tomorrow, nightclubs (operating as dancing venues) will be closed. Vaccine passports worked well here! In hospitality, we’re back to 1m social distancing between households with a maximum of 3 households dining together (this is the most contrary rule, as you know, if it’s one metre between households for everyone you can have as many households as you want!). Sadly for all our thespian friends, most of our theatres are now closed as they can’t operate within the 1m social distancing guidelines. It’s not cold turkey, it feels like foul play.

All the social activities that we love and for many of us are quintessentially Christmas are in a cold turkey comma. Last week’s restrictions have put a damper on what we used to call the festive season but now feels a bit like the fearful season.

Omicron has undoubtedly stolen the show this Christmas. I had it on the nice list to start as I thought we were getting away with having a life. With 50 – 70 % less likely to be hospitalised compared to previous Covid variantsand mortality rates falling, why have we been put on the naughty list again?

My non politically correct comment is coming. I’m not underestimating that this virus has been devastating for many families and at this time of the year, this must feel even more emotional but we can’t carry on like this. Stopping and starting parts of our society with very very limited financial support is unsustainable and unfair. Stopping families, especially those who have been fully compliant with all the protocols, spending time together for another year is one nut we should not be trying to crack.

The new isolation rules have left our team crying Mamma Mia! We truly love them for all the effort they have made to keep us trading. The team that is isolating is reporting that they have very minor symptoms, if any. I appreciate this will not be the case for everyone. The continual testing that the government recommends, I don’t believe, is serving us well but I know many of you may feel differently about this. We know people that test twice a day, it’s as if they want to catch Covid. If you have symptoms or are going to a higher risk environment then I agree with the reasoning. We urgently need the 10 day isolation period to be reduced to 7 days, in line with England and in line with food supply workers in Scotland, or some businesses will simply never recover as they simply can’t trade.

It’s sad to read that 80% of people who are hospitalised with Covid haven’t had the vaccination. With a fourth vaccination planned, I just wish we could get on with life with the optional precautions in place and we leave life to choice. If this carries on thenthe only choice will be to play, Les Miserables, revolution and all.

In our normal world we are faced with personal choices every minute that affect our future and others. Choosing not to have a vaccination is personal but clearly the personal consequences are far worse than if you do. The choice to wear a mask and make considered social interactions can allow you to live in a lower risk environment. The choice of higher risk of infection, higher risk of illness versus lower risk of negative financial impact and higher health and wellbeing benefits surely must now be a personal choice? Lockdowns, social distancing, masks, sanitised and sterilised, travel bans, quarantine, test and protect, vaccines, boosters, vaccine passports, what else? Covid life is a risk but life is also for living, if you want to make that choice.

The reality for each of us is different. We are all making decisions based on our personal circumstances. Free-will surely has to now be the best choice after almost two years of the same outcome that penalises some far more than others. With an antiviral treatment being rolled out maybe this isn’t unrealistic.

Cold turkey clearly isn’t for everyone. I’d love to have no choice around when it’s served and only have it once per year. At least we all can plan for it, love it or leave it.

Thank you all, most sincerelyfor all your choices that have allowed us to still be here sharing good food with yourfriends and family. Your support is valued and never underestimated.

With all health, happiness, cold fowl sandwiches on Boxing Day only and free will for 2022.



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