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CIS Awards Success for Cannonball Restaurant

CIS Awards Success for Cannonball Restaurant | Contini

When you go will send back, a letter from Switzerland!


We’re thrilled that the team at Cannonball won The Food Tourism Award at Catering Industry Scotland Awards last week. The awards launched in 2004 to recognise, reward and celebrate the exceptionally high degrees of creativity, innovation and excellence in the Scottish hospitality, catering and tourism sectors.

The CIS Food Tourism award, which is sponsored by Seafood Scotland, aims to celebrate the value of the food tourism sector in line with the Food Tourism Scotland action plan.

In partnership with the owners of the Cannonball House building, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, we have created outstanding dining experiences for over 1,800 global visitors to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo every August, as part of our Tattoo experience dining package.

In the past year alone, Cannonball has hosted over 10,000 international visitors as part of 385 separate special events, including partnerships with VisitScotland, Marketing Edinburgh, VisitBritain, United Airlines, Air France, USA, Canada, Asia and the European Union.


At the end of the day all the awards mean nothing if you can’t pay the bills. But the bills will only be paid if the business model works and your customers keep coming back.

Our vision is to give a warm (Victor) welcome, serve good food, give good service, always say thank you and if we do all of this we will deliver excellence. We can’t be just somewhere you go to eat. We need to be somewhere that delivers delicious food, holds our whole community very closely and delivers a personal experience. This is what gets our guests coming back.

I’ve shared many times the importance of the commercial and the cultural balance of business. We learned to identify and acknowledge the importance of both these parts with the coaching that Fergus King gave us many years ago. The cultural side of our business is what defines us.

Kindness doesn’t feature on any balance sheet but it’s one of our biggest assets.

It’s wonderful for our team, and for marketing, to get any formal acknowledgements; we do love badges and awards. But we get lots of the little day to day thankyous that keep us excited and keep us reassured we’re doing a good job.

Victor was trained by his Uncle Victor to treat everybody as equals. Whether it’s HRH Princess Royal or the Big Issue lady. He lives and breathes this in everything he does. Our team love him. I’ve learned from him, and am still learning.

Here is a letter we received from Switzerland. It shows the value of kindness not only for our business but for our customers. Victor, I know you’re my husband, and you are not the best at numbers, but you’re excellent at culture. Very proud of you and lovely Patric! And thank you to Patric’s wife for bringing him to Scotland.

Dear Mr. Contini and Team

I beg you first to apologize for my really bad English.

Over 15 years ago, I saw the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on TV one night.From that day on, my biggest wish was to be in the Castle once!Unfortunately, I never did it. I just worked hard and forgot to live my life.

Then three years ago I almost had to die. I had only 2 – 6 months left. The doctors did not have a solution for me. I weighed 190 kg and my organs were badly attacked. I cried for many nights. I had the best woman in the world and forgot everything because of all the work.

My wife knew that my biggest wish was to see the tattoo. And she gave me this trip three years ago. What an incredible woman, right?

That’s how I started my journey to Scotland in 2017. In the back of my mind the thought that it will probably be my last trip.

Already at the airport in Edinburgh I had to fight back tears. What kind of country, what kind of people, what attitude and story! On the first day I was not feeling well. I went to sleep early, that I was fit for the Saturday night. Ready for the Cannonball Dinner and the Tattoo.

What can I say……..I was one of many, but you and your team made me feel like someone special. I, the little man from Switzerland who everyone points out because he is fat and slow, has been accepted by all of you as I am. It may have been your daily work for all of you, but I can assure you that your interaction, your cheerful nature, your openness and the time you have taken for me are invaluable!

What an evening! What a place! What a Mr Contini and Team! The tattoo was also overwhelming and impressive against the backdrop of the castle.

The visit to you and the tattoo has completely changed my life. I drove home after this experience with many thoughts in my head. Determined to change my life! Immediately!

One year later in 2018 I was back at the Cannonball Dinner. Mr. Contini remembered me. I would never have thought that possible with so many people! I could even take a picture with Mr. Contini. The doctors were wrong! I live more than ever before! 2018 was my year!


I married my wife after 10 years in a Scottish outfit, moved into a house with a large garden, started cooking again with a lot of fun and yes what can I say, 2019 I’ll be back at the Cannonball Dinner on August 17th for the third time.

Mr Contini and Team, I am so grateful to you! I hope you all see what you do with your work. Stay all as they are and continue to do such a wonderful job. Tell my story, encourage people. Take me as an example how much value a little laugh or a small gesture can be!

In eternal gratitude



Patric, thank you for making our day. Victor and the team look forward to seeing you again at Cannonball during this years Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

You know me, never miss a marketing opportunity….. Still a few packages available.

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