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Carina in print – Daily record

Carina in print - Daily record | Contini

Delicious Eccles Cakes by Carina Contini – in the Scottish Daily Record Monday 5th November 2018

Serves 12

75g butter
75g brown sugar
225g currants
3 pieces of preserved ginger in syrup, grated
3 tbsp of syrup from the jar
1 tsp ground mixed spice
Zest and juice of an orange
350g pre-rolled puff pastry
1 egg
Milk, flour and sugar for dusting


1. Heat the fruit, butter, spices and juice in a pan until the sugar has melted.
Leave to cool.
2. Line a baking sheet with greaseproof paper and set the oven to gas mark6/200°C/400°F.
3. Cut 10cm circles from the pastry and fill with a spoonful of filling. Brush theedges of the pastry with milk and egg wash, fold the pastry over the filling and
gently stick them together.
4. Flatten the cake slightly to look like a small round pillow. Continue until you’veused up the mixture.
5. Lay them on the baking sheet and brush with the egg wash and sprinkle witha little caster sugar. Bake for 15 minutes until golden.

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