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Bellavista – official wine of Teatro alla Scala’s Opera Première!

Congratulations to our Contini George Street partner – Bellavista. Once again they are the official wine of Teatro alla Scala’s Opera Première!

Since 2015, it has been Millesimo Brut that has had thehonor of wearing the colors of La Scala. Because it isthe wine in which the essence of the Bellavista styleexalts the best that the wine harvest offers. The perfectwine to accompany that rarest of sentiments: truefriendship. And like true friendship, it lasts over time.

From Bellavista:

Natural, long-lived and above all, Italian. This is theharmonious blend of Bellavista’s vintage brut.Tradition is our cornerstone, the foundation laidby Vittorio Moretti when he adopted the ancientMarmonnier presses. The fruit of enlightened intuition,which today forms the basis of a consistent line ofthought that directs all our decisions.

At Bellavista, the vineyards aren’t “cultivated”, butraides, they are “trained” to live for a long time inperfect health. And these vineyards are the best: bestin terms of exposure (south, south-east), best in termsof elevation and best in terms of their age. Because along-lived vineyard brings character and style.
For our “Vendemmia”, we select the best of eachyear’s harvest and the best of each vineyard. Wethus elevate the concept of vintage through the stylethat characterizes Bellavista and its “savoir faire”.

Because it is the difficulties that help us grow andthe differences that confirm our special identity. Thefamily of vintages is our championship squad, andabove all, our historical memory, through which wecreate the identity of Alma Gran Cuvée.

In line with this reasoning, it seemed natural, as wellas thrilling, to couple the spirit of each VendemmiaBrut to the uniqueness of a Premiere that every 7th ofDecember renews itself in the magic of an all Italianharmony.

Mattia Vezzola

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