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My last missive wasn’t too cheery. Thank you to those who helped me smile the following Monday morning. One reply (very different from the many) got me thinking. Am I in the minority or are my thoughts and feelings mirrored by the majority?

Why are we in a situation where a democratic, resourceful nation has ended up with so much self-inflicted pain for the majority of its people? I’m vocal not for myself but for the level of imbalance that surrounds us. I’m vocal because I don’t have a political party that I feel represents me. Of course there is common ground in some but points of principle are uncompromisable.

I am first and foremost a mother. All children should have the same opportunities. Their health and well-being is our nation’s most important responsibility. Victor and I have 130 members of Team Contini working in hospitality who we feel a genuine duty of care for. We have business partnerships with charitable organisations. We support sustainable practices. The environment and our heritage are invaluable. I believe in a free NHS but have no objection to contributing to help deliver it, but not abuse it. Hard work should be rewarded. Those in our community who can’t support themselves, must be protected. If we need food banks, we’ve done something wrong. Our old people should be cared for. I want a world without nuclear weapons but don’t think we’re anywhere near that happening. Perhaps most importantly for all of the above, I am still a European.

Name the party that supports this? Am I the minority or is there a huge gap in our political landscape where people like me aren’t represented.

I’ve upset everyone now. Sorry.

Does politics matter? If your life or those around you are affected by our political system, then yes, politics matter. Sex matters too but that’s a whole other Pandora’s box I’m not opening (I think I just lifted the lid). Sharing views and debating solutions to reach common ground with mutual respect and tolerance. Why does this seem to be so difficult? It’s sad that some views are disliked so intensely (detested for want of another word) that opinions can’t be aired. Is it that our own ‘uncompromisables’ are all different?

The top tax rate withdrawal has been withdrawn south of the border. Our Chancellor cut short his IMF trip in Washington to get sacked. Looks like we’ve found the scapegoat for a U-turn on the rest of his mini budget. It’s Sunak’s turn to sit like the cat that got the cream now. We all knew the world of ultra low interest rates was coming to an end, but the rocketing rates that have been seen over the last two weeks were self-inflicted and damaging. It’s tragic for anyone just about to buy a home or remortgage. Like many, our Covid Loan interest has also increased hugely. Pain, and unnecessary pain at that, is being felt by many. Governor Bailey said the Pension Funds had until Friday to sort themselves out. This feels like bully boy tactics that just aren’t working in the playground. With our Chancellor being paid £20k a month as a paid political advisor for a hedge fund, I think it’s time we all checked the rules in all the playgrounds.

Is it a majority of Conservatives who are rumbling around another change of leadership. What did King Charles say when he saw the PM early in the week, “dear oh dear…..back again”. The 1922 Committee looks like they’ll be back again changing their rules too. We can’t go there again.

Pfizer has admitted to the European Parliament they never tested whether the vaccine prevented transmission. Passport vaccine based on a lie. The drive to get us all vaccinated was based on this missing scientific fact. I probably would have still got vaccinated but I probably wouldn’t have asked our children to. Time will tell what the consequences of this will be?

The deadlock between our two parliaments around a second Independence Referendum has ended in the Supreme Court. Will the judges kick it out without a judgement or if one side gets the answer they want will the other listen. It could be months before we find out either way let alone what the majority view will in the end be.

Keep well and keep smiling.

Thank you all most sincerely for your support, it is never undervalued.


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