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Always look on the bright side of life

New menu released for Contini at Home

You know me – black and white. The only grey is my hair.

Clearly there is no quick fix for this virus. Even with a vaccine we are talking years to get the bulk of the population inoculated. We have to learn to live with this. Let’s all accept and follow a sustainable rule book. Draconian and punitive measures will not solve the problem. But who ever said the general public or politicians were sensible. We all have to accept less in all areas so that we don’t end up with nothing in many. But who ever said life was easy.

So in the words of a dear friend, we just need to get on with it. But we can’t put the problem on hold or more worryingly move it from one place to another. We do need balance.

This week will bring more news but let’s remember the song in the final scene of the Life of Brian, sing along please (even though we’re not allowed to do that either)…… Always Look On The Bright Side of Life………….

All of you lovely people are keeping us in the sunshine. Thank you.

Yesterday was my first day cooking for our wee family. With Carla and Orlando away those two piggies have left me having to learn a new skill, I’m cooking for one. The fitness focus of the two older children meant I really struggled to cook enough food to fill them. Whatever was made for the week lasted a day. Cooking for my one little piggy is a whole different story.

Victor and I will eat a late lunch in The Scottish Cafe or George Street wherever we’ve been working, essential quality control I’ll have you all know so we’re only eating a light snack when we get home. With new menus released today it was even more imperative. I’ve had the amazing roast Kitchen Garden squash tortelloni and then I just had to check the warm Heritage apple Strudel with crema pasticceria for pudding. Victor had the delicious Salt beef and pickled cucumber focaccia, a classic returns to TSC. That leaves just Ari to cook for. Nonna G, at 92, has more food in her fridge than we have at home right now. My usually 5 pounds of mince was reduced to 500g (that’s 1 pound in old money). Even my pot size had to be reconsidered. But like everything we’ll adjust. Our milk delivery has gone from 12 pints a week to 2. It’s just another part of our normal that’s rebalancing. My food shopping is lighter and brighter for sure.

Our daily call with Carla is now on Facetime. It’s our new thing. I’ve never liked Facetime. It’s such a bad angle for your chin. But it’s worth it so see her wee face. She’s a darling. Hashtag no favourites. Her only complaint was having to sleep in her freshly washed sheets that she wasn’t able to iron as there wasn’t one in the dorms. She now wants a travel iron for her Christmas. Well done Carla, can’t let Cinderella standards slip! She said she rolled her sheets to remove the creases, just like being in the Army was her comment! Raise them tough, that’s our philosophy!


I’ve said this before, so forgive me if I am repeating myself, but this world we’re living in is testing our character. What we said at the beginning is proving to be very true. The lovely people are becoming even lovelier (I’m sending you all a massive hug for all the beautiful support we received from last week’s e-newsletter) and those with the gripes are just getting nippier, ouch!

My black and white is becoming even brighter. With all your support and amazing words of encouragement we are looking forward to the brighter side of life, even if it takes us longer than we would hope, we’re not letting our standards slip and we’re here for you regardless of what lies ahead. As the lovely lady on table 5 just said, there may be some grey clouds ahead but we’ll get through this together.

Thank you, grazie!

New menus released for

Contini at Home

The Scottish Cafe


Contini George Street

Keep ordering and booking, Hospitality needs you!

Keep well and keep safe


PS Keep those entries coming for Contini Bake Off!

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