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A Game of Fate with a Difference

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Good morning lovely people 

My father and I used to spend hours playing Rummy or Scopa (an Italian card game).  

The scene had traces of the Rat Pack. A generous glass of Johnny Walker whisky, cigar elegantly framed with the occasional cloud of speakeasy smoke, open fire crackling in the background, bright yellow cashmere jumper cushioned into a battered leather armchair with a newspaper scruffily stuffed down the side of a lovely tummy. The image from the other angle: pigtails, a glass of milk and the biggest smile on my wee face. We never played for money, reputation was the prize. My father was fifty when I was born. Unbelievable to even think of the age gap now.  In those moments he was my best friend.  

This was an honourable pastime. Cards were dealt. Skill and fate in equal proportion was the winner. 

The Covid Enquiry has hinted that the “Gold Committee Card team” was a private members only club. Cards in this game weren’t just shuffled, they were selected. During the Pandemic we couldn’t see the full deck, now the cards are face up on the telly for all to see. The lack of WhatsApp messages doesn’t alter the picture.  

I learnt, perhaps too late, that sharing opinions is only a good thing if your audience agrees. When they don’t, that’s like folding your cards part way through the game, you lose regardless. My intentions are not to lose any more customers just to keep the debate open. Living in Scotland there has been a tribal loyalty for many, backed by an Independence conversation. Each to their own but will this Enquiry alter the view for some?  

On the 1st February further Brexit legislation has passed and the only analogy is we’ve thrown all our cards in the bin and it’s going to take years to pick them out. More unnecessary differences and bureaucracy will be adding further unnecessary costs.

The information coming to light at the Covid Enquiry, is allowing us to question decisions. We’re questioning the decisions Brexit has dealt us too. In both cases however, we don’t get to choose a different outcome.  

The Brexiteers’ relationship with Europe was irreparable. Was the relationship between our Governments during the Pandemic also so broken that a joint approach to finding a solution was impossible from the start? Our own Governments should have behaved like best friends but old enemy lines held strong. Perhaps the crisis created the perfect opportunity to be different?  

No scientific evidence has been shown to justify the additional restrictions that were imposed in Scotland. Those in hospitality felt like we were playing strip poker without any cards. Left naked at times, feeling humiliated that we were so exposed and treated differently with no justification.  The Enquiry is raising old feelings. For the bereaved, they are hurting and angry.  

This wasn’t a game of Snap. I just hope the evidence shows it wasn’t a game of Cheat. Our patience has worn out either way. 

Keep well and thank goodness we weren’t the politicians then or now. The Joker never wins. 

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