The Kitchen Garden


Contini Kitchen Garden

We always wanted to grow our own produce for the restaurants. In 2012 we gained a one-acre garden site in the heart of the Esk Valley Conservation area. Through hard work and dedication we are now delighted to be able to grow our own produce for The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant, Contini George Street and Cannonball Restaurant & Bar. The garden is run by our Head gardener Bryony and her team. She organises the vegetables, flowers and fruit for all of our restaurants and recycles our coffee grinds for general compost and slug control. In addition we now have 10 bee hives between our garden and at Mod One.

Below we will record Victors  daily deliveries of fresh harvests to all three venues.

June 2019
A bumper month with an abundance of elderflower

May 2019
We are so delighted to be able to grow a variety of Ark of Taste produce including James Grieves Apples and Shetland Black Potatoes

This month we were thrilled to be able to donate 380 (!) sticks of rhubarb to Slow Food Edinburgh to assist in their fundraising for the 10k Gardens in Africa project.


April  2019
Nature with a helping hand from Bryony & Ania! Our ContiniKitchenGarden is very close to heaven and soon to burst into colour from Spring to Summer

March 2019
The first of the rhurbarb and wild garlic and Victor jarring last summers honey from our hives at the Kitchen Garden and Mod One at Scottish National Galleries

You can read our Winter update on Victors bees here

VIDEOS – The Development of our Scottish Kitchen Garden


Credit:The wonderful Coolbox !